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Big Fish incident, a lesson for Sierra Leoneans

Big Fish incident, a lesson for Sierra Leoneans By: Kembay Those always clamouring for War after seen yesterday random shooting on Charlotte and Lightfoot Boston Streets in Freetown by a desperado should now know such is just a tip of an ice bag in a warfare.  Big Fish after forcefully snatching, the riffle from the female police officer didn't go on looking out for APC or SLPP but was determine to shoot at anyone who dare stand his way irrespective of your political loyalty, Religious trait, tribal or Regional connection.  The few minutes he spent with the gun while moving up an down, saw almost all the streets in CBD deserted with everyone indoor except the security forces who were positioning themselves at intersections point to end the menace.  What caused the desertion and the indoor staying was that everyone knew that either by mistake or intention coming in contact with Big Fish at that moment, would have been your end. That is
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Swift Response from Security sector, saves Central of Freetown from Calamity

Swift Response from Security sector, saves Central of Freetown from Calamity By: Kembay Central Business District (CBD), Thursday 21st September, 2023 The security sector in a move to restore not only law and order but peace and calmness in the Central Business District (CBD) of Freetown gun down a notorious criminal, Mohamed Massaquoi commonly known as Big Fish. Eyewitness account states that Big Fish accompany by two others in an unknown intention grabbed the weapon of a female Operational Support Division (OSD) officer by on Charlotte Street by UBA Bank and an attempt by members of the public to disarm him resulted to rapid shooting  both on the ground and in the air. The sounds from the gun shots attracted the attention of the security sector, mainly the Military and Police who traced the sound and caught up with the desperado on Lightfoot Boston Street where he was gun down, an action that yielded public jubilation and commendation of the security sector.  Meanwhile, i

Minister Mohamed Rahman Swaray, has engaged representatives of the Sierra Leone Labour Congress

MELSS, Freetown Wednesday, 20th September, 2023. MELSS, TRADE UNION CONFEDERATION, DISCUSS WORKERS’ WELFARE AND ILLICIT FINANCIAL FLOWS The Minister of Employment, Labour and Social Security, Mr. Mohamed Rahman Swaray, has engaged representatives of the Sierra Leone Labour Congress and the African Regional Organization of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC-Africa), in discussions around the welfare and safety of workers, and African workers’ efforts to contribute to the halting of Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) in Africa in general and Sierra Leone in particular, so that internal resource mobilization opportunities for financing social protection would improve. In a courtesy call visit to the minister, the Regional Trade Union’s Deputy General Secretary, Akhator Joel Odigie, explained that the regional workers’ union organizes and coordinates over 17,000,000 men and women across Africa. Africa, he stated, is at a time when we are witnessing the “r

Time to work, IGP touches key Divisions in Freetown West

Time to work, IGP touches key Divisions in Freetown West. © Kembay As he did prior to the June 24, 2023 general elections in the Eastern part of Freetown which saw smooth operations throughout the electioneering period, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mr. William Fayia Sellu has replicated same in Freetown West.  The recent transfer of Local Unit Commanders (LUCs) from key Divisions is a clear indication that it is no more time for talk shop but time to work in the Western Area. It could be recalled that Freetown East was a troublesome area that always gives tough time to the Police, as a season administrator and crime fighter, Mr Sellu made some postings in strategic areas including Waterloo and Ross Road Divisions which saw the restoration of sanity and easy policing throughout the electioneering period and beyond.  With the Saturday 16th September, 2023 transfer, both Freetown West and East are said to be now well  fortified in fighting crimes and enfor

11 years civil war , plus 11 years EBK's failed rule, will determine your present status

PONÐER MY THOUGHT! ©️ General Swalliho Frankly, if you remove 11 years of Civil War from your age and Former President Ernest Bai Koroma's 11 failed years,then you will know that most of us have had 22 unproductive years. President Bio isn't the problem for your predicament, but the Ernest Bai Koroma's Kleptocracy and the Civil War factors mentioned above are—including your very self who blindly defends and wages insurrections for the very thieves who have ruined your future. Until we choose Patriotism above Tribal and Regional Loyalty, there will always be a Slim Chance of Success and Growth of our beloved Sierra Leone. Let us retrospect the sad and unfortunate event that unfolded in Makeni City sometimes back, where Staff of the Anti—Corruption Commision were prevented from  probing Ernest Bai Koroma of his stewardship. Yet these very people now want President Bio to do the magic when our Nation's Coffer is seated in EBK's Mansi

NRA commissioner general engages mobile network companies on the GST levied on Mobile Money

COMMISSIONER GENERAL DIALOGUES WITH MOBILE COMPANIES ON THE GST FEES ON MOBILE MONEY. 8th September, 2023. After a week of heated public debate on the GST fees on mobile money, the Commissioner General, Ibrahim Brima Swaray has met with the major Mobile Companies in a bid to address the confusion around the GST fees charged on mobile money.  The meeting came after mobile companies circulated a message to mobile money customers of an eminent increase in the fees charge on mobile money service. As an institution responsible for revenue generation, the NRA was obliged to make certain provisions of the law clear on the goods and services Act as well as the Finance Act of 2023. The debate was however exacerbated when the NRA  clearly cited their position in a public notice in so far as regulations on GST is concerned. As an institution, the NRA values the ideals of the public private partnership and would want to continue to protect a cordial relationship between the

The Agriculture Minister kicks off the Feed the Nation agenda preparations.

The Minister of Agriculture and Food Security Explores Great Scarcies in Pursuit of President Bio's #FeedSalone Vision By; Yankin Kailondo  A new chapter unfolds in Sierra Leone's agricultural narrative as President Bio's commitment to #FeedSalone takes root. A nation where rice is not merely a meal but a cultural cornerstone. Led by the steadfast Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Dr. Henry Musa Kpaka, has made a visit to the fertile lands of Great Scarcies (Samu and Mambolo) on a scoping mission that has set the stage for transformative change. As the Minister set foot on the fertile soils of Great Scarcies, he carried with him the collective hopes and aspirations of a nation yearning for food self-sufficiency and prosperity. The fields, vibrant and promising, stretched to the horizon, a canvas of potential waiting to be harnessed. Amidst the fields, conversations flowed between the Minister and local farmers. Their stories, dreams, and cha