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Turkish Ambassador Pays Follow-up visit to IGP on PIKM Regulation

Turkish Ambassador Pays Follow-up visit to IGP on PIKM Regulation By Kembay Police Headquarters George Street Freetown, Wednesday 28th February, 2024 Her Excellency the Turkish Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Madam Sibel Erkan has visited the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mr. William Fayia Sellu to know the SLP stands on the Police Coordination and Cooperation Center (PIKM), ahead of the 5-6 May and 15-17 July, 2024 OIC meetings in Banju and Yaounde respectively.  In her presentations, Her Excellency Madam Erkan discloses that, her visit was to know if the SLP is interested in being part of the Police Coordination and Cooperation Center (PIKM) establishment following the 13th Summit  heads of States and Government of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The PIKM she went on to explained would be established to combat terrorism, extremism, organised crime and to strengthen capacities of PIKM members states.  "For the Center to become op

visit the mayor's home and have an interview with her. The legal team for Freetown's mayor informed the police.

Our further instruction of today instant is that our client, a clinically High Blood Pressure patient for several years, has fallen ill and has been advised to stay home and rest. It is with regret, that she will not be able to attend to the Ministerial Development Partnership Meeting and the Police Invitation, both scheduled for today. Cognizant of her civic duty and responsibility to the law, our client remains willing to respond to the said Notice at the earliest given opportunity. Given that her medical condition is being monitored, be assured we will keep you updated with developments. In the circumstances, and should the need arise, we may humbly wish to suggest that the interview be done at the office or home as deemed necessary. In the meanwhile, please accept the assurances of our esteemed regards. JFK&PARTNERS She is expected to come before the CID for interrogation as a result of what the police described as unruly conduct within a police station

Message for WASSCE students

According to the Minister of Basic and Senior Education, 99.7% of WASSCE results would be given this week, with some withheld due to different irregularities. He went on to say that this year's performance is by far one of the best in recent history. click to read original post from facebook David Moinina Sengeh

The APC senior PRO in trouble...

Adebayor, who is allegedly  paid by the former president of Sierra Leone EBK to incite violence against government officials and incite APC supporters to commit murder and arson, has finally met his match. The behavior of former president Ernest Bai Koroma's ventriloquist as claim by a renowned politician, Dr Sylvia Blyden, who resides in Holland, has been discussed with Dutch  government officials, according to the honorable foreign affairs minister professor David Francis, who stated in a facebook live stream that the issue will be resolved as soon as possible. Watch video analysis.... 

Kailahun and Tonkolili DistrictDistricts get medical supplies.

As the third quarter distribution of free health care pharmaceuticals begins, the National Medical Supplies Agency has given over five (5) trucks of drugs and medical supplies to the residents of KAILAHUN District,  and 4 trucks of drugs of medical supplies to the People of Tonkolili District today, September 22nd, 2022.  The presentation took place in the presence of anti-corruption, civil society, Sierra Leone Police, and other district stakeholders.

A human skull was discovered by a search warrant in Kabala.

HUMAN SKULL DISCOVERED AS KABALA DIVISION CARRIED OUT SEARCH WARRANT ON A CASE OF SHOP BREAKING & LARCENY TODAY TUESDAY 20TH SEPTEMBER 2022 Following reports made by one Maco Mansaray of 63A Ismaia Road, Kabala, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) carried out raids on suspected criminals within the township. Mr. Mansaray in his report stated that between 3-4am today, his shop located at his residence was broken into & goods worth millions of leones (Old Notes) were carted away. Combined team of police personnel headed by the CID were swift to respond. Upon Intelligence gathered, raids were conducted & three suspects arrested. These are: 1)Sulaiman Jakitay of Badembaya 2) Ibrahim Jalloh of Badembaya 3) Sheku Massaquoi of Forest Road All of the above addresses are found within the township of Kabala. However, the police is on the chase to capture one Barrie, who is believed to be the ringleader. On raids conducted, the police discov

MCC guys meet with President Bio in New York

Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada Bio Holds Bilateral Meetings with New CEO for Millennium Challenge Corporation New York, USA, Tuesday 20 September 2022 - His Excellency President Dr Julius Maada Bio has held a productive bilateral meeting with the new Chief Executive Officer of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, MCC, Alice Albright, on the margins of the 77th United Nations General Assembly.  The MCC CEO expressed commitment to supporting Sierra Leone’s compact development process and willingness to promote private sector participation in addressing challenges in the energy sector.  She updated the President on the various stages of the compact development process and commended his leadership for the satisfactory progress made so far. The National Coordinator, Sierra Leone Compact Development Unit, Ndeye Koroma, explained some of the challenges in the energy sector and the plan of the government to mobilise donor partners and private investm

Why do you attribute the increase in the exchange rate on the bank governor?

Dollar vs Leones and the Auction Policy My Take. By Ansumana George Firstly, we have to understand why certain policies are implemented at some point. Economics and Finance policies are implemented not based on opinion but based on data and prevailing market conditions at a time. We saw at the tail end of the redenomination circle the dollar started to increase geometrically, so the BSL has to extend the time again to avoid rush in the market, and today we have seen the foreign exchange policy issued by BSL which is geared towards neutralizing the exchange rate to protect our national/local currency.  This is what we should be asking, do we print dollar in SL?  do we have enough investments in key sectors like mining, fisheries, manufacturing etc to strengthening our dollar reserves and give us satisfactory current account balance so that we will not struggle in situations like this, if the answer is no then why blame the Bank Governor? Foreign excha

The SLPP stronghold leads in total voter registration...Phase 1

Results for the first round of voter registration are in, and the Southeast is clearly ahead of the north with a difference of 134,994 votes.  The APC has a clear majority in the western region, but this region is not thought of as a stronghold because the APC has never won nearly 75% of the total votes needed to make up for the significant vote differential between the southeast and the northern region...Therefore, the coming election is a clear winning for the SLPP with a probably first round winning

FJMB has sign the book of condolence at Buckingham palace.

H.E. DR. FATIMA MAADA BIO ATTENDS QUEEN ELIZABETH II FUNERAL THIS MORNING AFTER PAYING RESPECTS, SIGNING BOOK OF CONDOLENCE AND CONSOLING THE ROYAL FAMILY AT BUCKINGHAM PALACE YESTERDAY The First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone Her Excellency Dr. Fatima Maada Bio will, in this morning of 19th September 2022, join over 2,000 specially invited guests from Great Britain and from all around the World to attend the Royal Funeral of the late Queen of Great Britain Her Majesty Elizabeth II of blessed memory. The funeral will be held at the Westminster Abbey in London. This follows a full day of activities by the Sierra Leone First Lady yesterday in London during which, whilst dressed all in Black, she spent a few moments to pay respects, stand and pray in front of the late Queen who laid in State on a purple catafalque at the 11th Century Hall of the Westminster Palace underneath its medieval roof. Following this, the distinguished Sierra Leone First Lady moved to

The UN Boss is happy with the FQE

In a bilateral discussion at the United Nations Headquarters on the eve of Leaders Day, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres praised President Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone  for his dedication to education and expressed interest in strengthening cooperation with Sierra Leone. Additionally, he expressed gratitude to President Julius Maada Bio  for agreeing to serve as co-chair of the High-Level Steering Committee on Education.

Leader meets with SLPP NYGC professionals

ING. KALLON MEETS WITH SLPP NYGC PROFESSIONALS. At a well-attended meeting on the 16th of September 2022. The NYGC Leadership conveyed a meeting of young SLPP Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Nurses, Accountants Economics, etc . and gave them updates on the positive strides made by NYGC under the leadership of the altruistic Ing. Francis Alpha Kallon.  The NYGC Secretary Dwight ZK Sheriff explained structures set by the NYGC leadership which include but are not limited to the council's Working Manual, Financial Policy and strategic work plan, The NYGC professionals, The Communications Unit, and a lot more. These pillars of the NYGC will be officially approved by the party and subsequently be launched at a NYGC retreat that will be communicated in due time. In their response, the NYGC Professionals laid bare the incontrovertible facts that professionals have always played in the smooth running of the party and the country. For instance, Our first Prime Minister w

Ghanaians have embarked on destroying Sierra Leone's ecosystem

Ghana is the most intolerable country for foreign Africans to live in after South Africa. We learned about them protesting the Chinese loudly a few years ago when they started gold mining along their major rivers. They bemoaned the damage that mining had done to their rivers, and it was even reported on by international media that Ghanaians would eventually need to import water in order to have pure water because of the level of contamination that had occurred in their rivers. Imagine that some of these same Ghanaians moved to Sierra Leone, colluded with some of the country's corrupt officials, and now threaten to devastate our rivers in the same way that the Chinese did to theirs. In fact, these same Ghanaians have contaminated the river Jong, which is known in the Mende language as "Teli yei" because to its dark color. Unfortunately, no leader has yet intervened to change the irritating circumstances. See video footage  

Descendants from the Kailahun District pledge their entire support for IGP Sellu.

Kailahun District Descendants Pledges full support for IGP Sellu By: Kembay Police Headquarters, George Street Freetown, Tuesday 13 September, 2022. A cross section of the Kailahun District Descendants Association (KDDA) executives in a courtesy call visit to acquaint and congratulate, have pledges to support the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mr.William Fayia Sellu and other security agencies by cooperating with them. Head of the delegation cum Chairman of KDDA, Rtd Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) Morie Lengor informed that the gathering was a family meeting of kailahun District descendants. KDDA, he said was apolitical as it aims and objectives are unity, welfare seeking and the development of the District.  Rtd AIG Lengor disclosed that the association was in preparation for it Annual General Meeting (AGM) and would therefore need security coverage as series of activities will take place. He called in the IGP as son of the soil to fully come-on

I heard a gunshot...I'm returning to Sierra Leone

Musa Tombo claimed to have heard a gunshot in Libya, that it appears he is not safe, and that he urgently desires to get back to Sierra below to watch video footage 

APC members destroyed their stronghold..

Strategic Communications Unit Visits Kamakwei On Fact Finding Mission Zachariah Jalloh, StratComm MIC The Strategic Communications Unit of the Ministry of Information and Communications has visited the township of Kamakwei on a fact-finding mission in relation to the August 10th insurrection that left the Divisional Police station and barracks burnt down by violent protesters.  The visit was to offer the team, comprising of senior officials of the Unit, an opportunity to document the scenes of the destruction and have firsthand evidence of the destruction, identify key stakeholders to query what happened and went wrong, what actions have been taken to bring back peace, cohesion, and trust, and what are the prospects for a sustainable peaceful existence. Following a conducted tour of the burnt-out Police station and Police barracks, the team spoke to key stakeholders in the community, including the Paramount chief, Police Partnership Board Chairman, the Chairman

Disaster in some part of Moyamba District

Another big disasters in constituency 098 in Moyamba District. Heavy rain flooded over  150 farms in Vaama, Kimbima, Largo Kessinima, Waima, Njorlohun, Mokorie, Nyayaguahun in Kori Chiefdom and three communities in Kowa chiefdom ( Lungi, Njama  leaving one dead  Njagbahun). See video footage...