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Big Fish incident, a lesson for Sierra Leoneans

Big Fish incident, a lesson for Sierra Leoneans By: Kembay Those always clamouring for War after seen yesterday random shooting on Charlotte and Lightfoot Boston Streets in Freetown by a desperado should now know such is just a tip of an ice bag in a warfare.  Big Fish after forcefully snatching, the riffle from the female police officer didn't go on looking out for APC or SLPP but was determine to shoot at anyone who dare stand his way irrespective of your political loyalty, Religious trait, tribal or Regional connection.  The few minutes he spent with the gun while moving up an down, saw almost all the streets in CBD deserted with everyone indoor except the security forces who were positioning themselves at intersections point to end the menace.  What caused the desertion and the indoor staying was that everyone knew that either by mistake or intention coming in contact with Big Fish at that moment, would have been your end. That is

SLPP Shakes Tonkolili, As Three APC Big Guns Join Others To Endorse Bio's Second-Term

SLPP Shakes Tonkolili, As Three APC Big Guns Join Others To Endorse Bio's Second-Term By Richmond B Tholley Though surrogates of the All People's Congress are referring to those resigning from the party to join their political opponents - the Sierra Leone Peoples Party as politically useless and having no power to move crowds, it seems the ruling party is making inroads into Districts traditionally believed to be political strongholds of the main opposition. A few days ago the great Alpha Khan of Port Loko resigned from the APC to join the SLPP. Khan might be politically useless according to the majority of the APC, but it will be a slap on the main opposition party, and a plus to the ruling party. Tonkolili, a District in the Northern province and is believed to be one of the strongholds of the main opposition but recent developments have seen the ruling party eying most of the political players in the team of the APC. ALUSINE Abdulai Sesay, the former

SLPP nominates former Tonkolili District Council Chairman for district council.

Former Tonkolili District Council Chairman Joins SLPP, Nominated For District Council  By Richmond B Tholley The former Chairman of the Tonkolili District Council and a senior member of the All People's Congress party from Tonkolili District have joined the ruling Sierra Leone's People Party. Alusine Abdulai Sesay better known as Kamathor has also been selected and nominated by the SLPP to run for the Chairperson in the Northern District candidate. In a letter to the leadership of the party, Sesay resigned from the APC a few months ago for reasons he says are personal. He served as the Tonkolili District Council Chairman under the All People's Congress from 2012 - 2018 and was the party's regional Youth leader.  In 2018, his relationship with the party leadership in Tonkolili especially the former District Chairman and Sierra Leones's former Education Minister - Dr Minkilu Bah of blessed memory became bitter. During an APC District Executive

Chief Abdul Kadiru Jabikeh Kaikai, the rising gem within the corridors of power.

Chief Abdul Kadiru Jabikeh Kaikai, the rising gem within the corridors of power. By Political Mufti Chief Abdul Kadiru Kaikai, is a rising star within the corridors of power in Sierra Leone. He has made a name for himself via his hard work, dedication, and commitment to see the re-election dream of President Bio has been actualise. His rise to prominence has been rapid and meteoric, and he has quickly become one of the most respected and admired politician in the country. He is widely seen as one of the most promising young politician in the Country.  Kaikai's political career began even crow of the cock. He has quickly established himself as a vocal and effective representative for his political party. Mr Kaikai has been instrumental in promoting good governance and improving the lives of Sierra Leoneans. Kaikai's leadership style is characterized by his inclusivity and his willingness to work with stakeholders from across the political spectrum. He is

The controversy around the SLPP symbol for Bo city mayor is over

I wish to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to my family, friends, supporters, and well-wishers who trusted my capability and had confidence in me to contest for the Sierra Leone Peoples Party symbol for the position of Mayor of Bo City. We fought a good fight in the race for the symbol, we defied the odds, exceeded expectations, and made tremendous inroads and gains. It is, however, unfortunate that the outcome went against our desires and wishes. Let me use this medium again to Congratulate our nominated candidate, my brother, Mr. Kobba Musa and wish him well in the upcoming elections whilst assuring him of my support to make Bo City a better place for all of us. I want to call on all my supporters to give him and the party all the support necessary to win the elections come June. I promise to continue my service to the Party, My beloved Bo City and its residents in my personal capacity and any other capacity. Once again, I thank you for your moral, physical a

Alpha Khan sent the APC a shocking message.

Hon. Alpha Kanu recently informed Awareness Times that he will leave the APC on April 28 in order to join the SLPP and support H.E. Maada Bio's re-election. Dr. Sylvia O. Blyden, the CEO and owner of the "Awareness Times Newspaper," issued these announcements directly on her facebook page.  Check her facebook page for more info  Sylvia O. Blyden

The West Africa Women and Girls Empowerment Sierra Leone has worked to improve free, fair, and peaceful elections on June 24th.

INTRODUCTION Despite young people’s ability to affect positive change in democratic processes they can also be involved in and  subject to election –related violence .Although the vast majority of young people are neither violent nor interested in violence, political leaders sometime successfully manipulate and mobilize young people to initiate or escalate violent actions to support their own political objectives. In some part of the country with history of election violence, some youth groups have developed strong ties with some political parties that have been directly involved in violent activities. Elections are key elements of democratic process they provide for transparent peaceful change of government and distribution of power for this ,a strong emphasis on democratization as a means to durable peace emerged among international policy circles the notion of supporting peace building in tendon with democratization developed as a consequence of the recognition that poli

I Won the Elections Because I'm Popular And Have Work For My People - APC

I Won the Elections Because I'm Popular And Have Work For My People - APC Parliamentary Candidate Elect  Puts the Record Straight  By Richmond B Tholley The newly elected Parliamentary candidate of the All Peoples Congress in Constituency 049, Tonkolili District, has referred to rumours going viral that his election as the party's candidate for the June 2023 multi-tier elections was influenced by certain big guns in the party as baseless, unfounded and malicious.  Rumours that Hon Aaron Koroma and other top party big guns interferes into the electioneering process started circulating immediately after the APC scribe was declared winner of the elections with 27 votes defeating seven other candidates. Speaking over the phone with this reporter, the developmentally oriented politician, Abdul Augustus Kamason, said his election as the APC parliamentary candidate of Constituency 049 is as a result of his popularity and hard work. The other reasons, he said, is because he

Man Arrested In Mile 91 For Unlawfully Possessing Scores Of Voter ID Cards

Man Arrested In Mile 91 For Unlawfully Possessing Scores Of Voter ID Cards By Richmond B Tholley The Mile 91 Police Division is presently investigating an alleged case of unlawful possession of voter identification cards, according to Sub Inspector Santigie Bangura, the Information Officer of the Mile 91 Police Division. Mohamed Kamara, a resident of Rochen Kamandao village in the Yoni Mamaila chiefdom, Tonkolili District, in the Northern province was arrested on Wednesday 19th April 2023, at around 13:50 hours, in possession of large quantity of voter ID cards. "On Wednesday 19th April 2023, at 13:50 hours, Jumu Kallon of 19 Old Police Road Mile 91Town assisted by PC 14186 Bangura A, attached to the Rochen Kamandao Police Post, arrested and brought in one Abdul Kamara of Rochen Kamandao village was found in possession of ninety-nine (99) ECSL voter identification cards suspected to have been unlawfully obtained or stolen," the Mile 91 Division media Officer said.

All MPs have been informed by the Clark of the Sierra Leonean parliament.

According to a statement circulating on social media, the Clark of the Sierra Leonean parliament has sent a letter to all MPs whose terms are about to expire requesting that they turn in all official vehicles and MP license plates.  FROM: The Clerk of Parliament To: All Members of Parliament. Cc: Speaker Deputy Speaker Director General Director of Transport & Procurement Director, SAA DATE: 20TH April 2023 RETURN OF MPS NUMBER PLATES AND OFFICIAL VEHICLE Noting that the 5th parliament of the second Republic of Sierra Leone will be dissolved on Tuesday 25th April 2023, Honourable Members are kindly requested to return Constituency number plates as well as official vehicles assigned them. The above mentioned should be submitted to the Transport Unit of Parliament not later than the 24th of April 2023. Vehicles on loan to leaders are not affected by this notice. Thanks for your cooperation.

Dr John Idriss Lahai has promised to make a comeback

Dr. John Idriss Lahai has vowed in a classic insinuation to return to social media after reading my post about his demise there. There is nothing wrong with his returning, but what is he going to do? He spoke the phrase "ar gee dem malowa" in our lingua franca.  See facebook post He probably couldn't return to the standard ideal of a whistleblower who exposed false degrees. merely because he has severely damaged his credibility in that regard.  In the early hours of today, I provided the following important arguments for why Dr. John Idriss Lahai was unsuccessful in his campaign against fake academic credentials.  Dr. John Idriss Lahai, the whistle-blower for fake degrees is Social Medially dead. If you recall, in the year 2022, Dr. John Idriss Lahai, a whistle-blower who exposed a phony degree, attracted the attention of every patriotic Sierra Leonean. His activity came to light after it was found that numerous Sierra Leoneans had received honor

Here are three reasons why there won't be a runoff.

The following three factors alone will ensure that President Bio and the SLPP are reelected: The SLPP has more supporters than the other political parties in Sierra Leone, and president Julius Maada Bio is well-liked by his people.    He is able to control the nation's economy and start building a vast infrastructure despite the global economic crisis. The primary opposition party lacks the credentials and track record that would compel a responsible Sierra Leonean to cast their vote for them

Dr. John Idriss Lahai, the whistle-blower for fake degrees is "Social Medially dead".

Dr. John Idriss Lahai, the whistle-blower for fake degrees is "Social Medially dead". If you recall, in the year 2022, Dr. John Idriss Lahai, a whistle-blower who exposed a phony degree, attracted the attention of every patriotic Sierra Leonean. His activity came to light after it was found that numerous Sierra Leoneans had received honorary PhDs from a Waterloo, Western Rural District postsecondary institution that was not accredited. Even well-known Sierra Leoneans, including the previous Inspector General of Police, were given honorary PhDs by the university known as Dominion University. When it was determined that the aforementioned university lacks the integrity to grant such a credential, the IG subsequently declined the offer. Dominion University PHD award ceremony From this point on, Dr. John Idriss Lahai began to expose Sierra Leoneans who, in his opinion, had earned questionable academic credentials. He then began to draw attention from people from all

Vickie Remoe demonstrates the use of free speech to Zainab Sheriff and others.

Vickie Remoe facebook account Yesterday, I had the opportunity to watch Ms. #ZainabSheriff's emotional video posted on On April 10th. 😔😔😔 While I understood her frustration, I also noticed that she spread a lot of disinformation and misinformation about President Bio, President Koroma, and First Lady Mrs. Bio. It is important to address the government as a whole when airing grievances, but it is not acceptable to call out individuals in government and accuse them of being killers without proof. It is also not right to accuse someone of being a party to something without evidence. The police and military are a part of the government, and it is okay to use a general statement when addressing the government. However, if you call out someone by name and accuse them of murder on a public platform, you need proof to substantiate your claims. If you are a witness and you have evidence, then it is okay to call them out. If you are quoting a source like Amnesty International

Urgent press notice from the Guma Valley Water Company


Message from the Office of the National Security

SECURITY SECTOR PRESS CONFERENCE ON THREATENING SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS AND MESSAGES CREATIG FEAR AND PANIC IN THE COUNTRY  A STATEMENT BY THE NATIONAL SECURITY COORDINATOR,  MR. ABDULAI CAULKER, DATED WEDNESDAY, 19TH APRIL, 2023  Salutation: 1. As a people, our country will be in total chaos if we do not have the courage to resist the incitements of bad citizens in the social media whose desperation and lust for political power have blinded them to the benefits and comforts of stability and peaceful co-existence. For them, even if it means sinking Sierra Leone and destroying all of its population to get political power, it would be a viable option. 2. Since 2018 when this present government assumed office, the security sector has noted with dismay that there have been countless numbers of anti-state activities tantamount to undermining the peace and security of Sierra Leone and unnecessarily provoking security sector reactions. Whilst the security sector had wished such baits h

"Zainab Sheriff is NOT in Female Prisons" SOB told the public.

Contrary to social media rumors, Zainab Sheriff was not imprisoned in a female jail facility.  "Zainab Sheriff is NOT incarcerated with women! She accepted a request to be questioned by CID. Sylvia O. Blyden informed the public, "I'm glad to learn that Police wisely avoided detaining her or falling into any PR trap.  From her facebook page... "WHAT IS A P.R. ðŸŠĪ TRAP? Well, it is a Public Relations Trap where an entity like the Sierra Leone Police is lured into doing something that may be viewed in bad light against them by the General Public; thus affecting the entity's relations with ordinary people in the public. For example, someone may DELIBERATELY make totally untrue sensational broadcasts like claiming the President has been the one to chase young boys to slaughter them or like claiming the First Lady of our country has also killed children in Bo during distribution of Sanitary Pads when we all know nothing like that ever happened.  So the perso

A large number of people, including children, illegally crossed into Sierra Leone.

The Sierra Leone border was illegally crossed last night by hundreds of people who claimed to be from the Portee Community but whose primary jobs are unclear.   The police and military of Guinea caught them in Pamlap on the Guinean side. Our security measures on the Sierra Leonean side are jeopardizing the safety of this nation at night.  How did so many individuals cross a border without them noticing? However, the same group of Sierra Leoneans were flagged as suspicious by Guinean security and sent back to their home country.  To secure our border, the government of Sierra Leone must implement strategic measures.  Watch a video of the aforementioned group of individuals that illegally crossed the Sierra Leone border below. 

31 suspect released in Makeni

The 31 people who were being held on suspicion of killing ASP Mathew Bayna have been released. Additionally, 8 fresh individuals, including 2 police officers, have been detained in connection with the inquiry. In a different instance, the SLP has requested that gun owners come forward for verification in connection with the purported murder inquiry.

Zainab Sheriff in Police net

After recently posting a social media video that quickly went viral criticizing Julius Maada Bio and his wife, According to reports, Zainab Sheriff has been arrested and detained at a female correctional facility. According to analysis, her detention may have something to do with the bizarre comments she made a few days earlier on social media.  Click the video to watch her comments... 

SLAJ has responded to the Africanist Press

Mr. Chernoh Alpha M. Bah Editor-in-Chief The Africanist Press Philadelphia USA Dear Sir, Ref: Open Letter on SLAJ iVerify’s Attempt to Fact-Check Africanist Press Report on US$10 Million Election Procurement Contracts    We acknowledge your open letter to the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) and the Independent Radio Network (IRN) referenced above and dated 17th April 2023.  Your letter attempts to discredit our i-Verify team, and by extension SLAJ and IRN, for a fact-checking work done on Africanist Press’ allegation of procurement corruption of US$10 million at the Elections Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL).  Please see below our response based on the information we got from our team of fact-checkers: About the i-Verify Platform The i-Verify is a professional fact-checking platform set up by SLAJ and IRN with the support of BBC Media Action SL and UNDP and their partners to counter the unholy trinity of dis/mis/mal information before, during, and after Sie

Residents of Kenema shouted, "EDSA, fix our electricity!"

Residents in Kenema city are calling on EDSA to speedily restore the power outage. By: Hassan Conteh On the 14th April 2023, the city of Kenema started experiencing frequent power outage from the CLSG power station, but according to the Kenema city EDSA PRO when interviewed in one of the local radio stations, he apologized to customers for the inconveniences and further explained that, the outage is caused as a result of an installation and maintenance going on in the power station.  He also gave reference to the press release earlier released by the EDSA management in which a time frame was put on how the city will get its full 24hrs electricity again. He finally assured residents that, the engineers are working day in and day out to resolve the issue and that the electricity will soon be restored to its normalcy. Some residents of Kenema city are dissatisfied with the situation as most of them are reliant on the electricity to survive and that they are appeali

After receiving his voter identification card, Jagaban stated something that several APC supporters did not like.

When Money Jagaban received his voter ID card, he made a statement that some APC supporters did not like. The disgruntled supporters believed Jagaban would declare publicly that he would back Dr. Samura Kamara for president. But as an alternative, he will support a candidate who can convincingly demonstrate how they have ideas to improve Sierra Leone.  Click the link to listen to what Jagaban said!!

The scammer from Sierra Leone is to be returned to Sierra Leone by Guinean Interpol for a police probe.

The renowned con artist who was captured by some wise Sierra Leoneans in Guinea will be transferred to Sierra Leone later today for a police inquiry.  Numerous Sierra Leoneans have reported that this suspect conned them. The suspect has a history of misleading people with false offers.  He has been identifying himself as a lecturer from the Njala University and as Dr. Kanu or Dr. Jalloh.  He committed crimes by promising his victims government pin codes, particularly for nurses and teachers, international scholarships, etc.  He has, regrettably, been detained in Guinea and transported to the Forecariah police station.  How was he apprehended?    In early January of this year, he posted in a WhatsApp group in Kambia that he had scholarship chances and could help people acquire government pin codes, among other things, but that the offer was only valid for those from the South and east.   Someone sent him NLe1,500 for overseas study without realizing he was a scam