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Big Fish incident, a lesson for Sierra Leoneans

Big Fish incident, a lesson for Sierra Leoneans By: Kembay Those always clamouring for War after seen yesterday random shooting on Charlotte and Lightfoot Boston Streets in Freetown by a desperado should now know such is just a tip of an ice bag in a warfare.  Big Fish after forcefully snatching, the riffle from the female police officer didn't go on looking out for APC or SLPP but was determine to shoot at anyone who dare stand his way irrespective of your political loyalty, Religious trait, tribal or Regional connection.  The few minutes he spent with the gun while moving up an down, saw almost all the streets in CBD deserted with everyone indoor except the security forces who were positioning themselves at intersections point to end the menace.  What caused the desertion and the indoor staying was that everyone knew that either by mistake or intention coming in contact with Big Fish at that moment, would have been your end. That is

"Speaker has no power to adjudge contempt" JFK

JFK, an APC legal luminary, has criticized the Honorable Speaker of Parliament's ruling in a tweet. Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara    "Sierra Leone's speaker of parliament has taken tough action against three MPs who were involved in riotous behavior in the well of parliament."

Parliamentary privilege has been suspended for three APC lawmakers.

RULING By Rt. Hon. Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu, Speaker of Parliament On The Riotous Behaviour of Some Members of Parliament in the Chamber of Parliament on 23rd November 2022 A. Background 1. At its sitting on Wednesday, 23rd November 2022, Parliament had before it a Government Motion for the laying on the Table of the House two Statutory Instruments Nos. 13 and 14 of 2022 respectively published in the Sierra Leone Gazette on 16th November 2022. These Instruments contained Regulations by the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL) designed to give effect to the District Block Representation System, a form of Proportional Representation enshrined in section 38A of the Constitution of Sierra Leone 1991. Section 38A had become part of the Constitution in 2001 by way of a Constitutional Amendment through Act No. 15 of 2001 and had in fact been applied once in the General Elections of 2002. It was now being proposed by the ECSL to apply it again in the Parliamentary and Local C

Some of the properties destroyed by members of Sierra Leone's parliament

Property  that  was  damaged  in  the  well  of  parliament  yesterday  during  a  fight  between  members  of  parliament   One Flower vasce  Two MPs seat Three Upper gallery seat  Four  MPs Table Upper gallery door glass MPs IPAD mic system Minister iPad mic system Could  you  imagine  that  those  in  charge  of  protecting  everything  in  the  country  were  seen  vandalizing  properties  inside  the  parliament,  which  the  Chinese  government  had  recently  renovated  to  an  ultra-modern  standard?

Stay off Drugs, says IGP to FPU and Recruits

    Stay off Drugs, says IGP to FPU and Recruits By: Kembay Sierra Leone Peacekeeping and Law Enforcement Academy (SILEA), Hastings Campus, Friday 18 November, 2022.  Addressing both the Formed Police Unit (FPU) and the recruits, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr.William Fayia Sellu has placed emphasis on zero tolerance for drugs in the SLP.  In a stern warning, the Chief Executive Officer of the SLP noted that, the day any of them is caught with drugs, that very day he or she will leave, there is no compromise to that. Medically, drugs last in urine for two months, so the Police Chief therefore informed them that there is going to be a spontaneous drugs test. To the FPU, he disclosed that while they await the final stage of assessment, they would be deployed in various areas within the city to help police the festive season.  With medical underway, he reminded them that they still have not completed the requirements that would qualify them for the Peacekeeping mission.  "

"The Registration Data favours us" APC claims

APC operatives conducted a shady analysis of the ECSL's recently released registration data. The claimed that the ECSL purposefully removed approximately 257,000 people from the list, and that despite this, registration figures still favor them by approximately 600,000. In my sad mood, I burst out laughing when I saw the analysis. I told myself that these people would never be able to stop deceiving themselves. The ECSL stated unequivocally that the data in question (257123) is duplicated. That is, data that was entered into the system multiple times. The claimed 600,000 leading difference in favor of the APC must have come from a kush consumer with Ye Dominion Ye qualification. That writer simply added figures from North and Northwest to the number of Western Areas without taking into account the necessary determinants. The APC has a clear majority in the western area, but when considering the realistic percentage (70% win) that determines a str

Big announcement from Antonio Rüdiger for Sierra Leoneans

Antonio Rüdiger, a defender for the German national football team, contributed his whole World Cup pay to help 10 Sierra Leonean youngsters receive expensive and complicated procedures.  Who's Anthonio Rüdiger? Rüdiger is a devout Muslim. He was born in Berlin to Lily, a Sierra Leonean, and her German husband, Matthias. He was raised in the Neukölln neighborhood of Berlin and is Sahr Senesie's half-brother.

A Sierra Leone police has been dismissed for smoking kush

SIERRA LEONE POLICE          4th November,2022 Dismissal of Police Officer Found under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol whilst on Duty On Thursday November 3, 2022, a video surfaced on social media which showed a Police Officer in uniform labouring under the influence of drugs and alcohol. As a disciplined Institution, Management acted swiftly to ascertain not only the veracity of the video but also the identity of the Police Officer portrayed therein. The Sierra Leone Police hereby informs the public that the said Police Officer (defaulter) seen in the video was identified as Police Constable 18654 Alie Sankoh, attached to the Kissy Police Division, in Freetown. Be further informed that the defaulter has been administratively investigated and arraigned before a Disciplinary Hearing on  Five Count charges, ranging from *a*. Being under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol whilst on Duty, to *b*. Conduct Prejudicial to Good Order and Discipline.  The Defaulter pl

SLP has arrested suspected Kush peddlers

FOUR SUSPECTS IN POLICE CUSTODY FOR THE UNLAWFUL POSSESSION OF QUANTITIES OF CANNABIS SATIVA, KUSH, AND TRAMADOL Acting upon the directives of the prudent LUC ACP Denis Musa Taylor of the Harbour Police Division, the Operation's Team headed by DSP A.B.M. Kamara conducted a successful raid today 2nd November 2022 at about 19:30 hours at both Quaker Lane and Wharf Road, Clinetown.  At the former address, suspect Noah Tarawallie was arrested with 191 raps of Cannabis Sativa and fifteen (15) packets of Cannabis Sativa. Suspects Isata Sesay and Mohamed Sesay were also arrested with thirty-three (33) raps of what is suspected to be Kush.  Furthermore, at Wharf Road, the Op's team also arrested Aminata Conteh with Tabs of Tramadol and twelve (12) raps of Cannabis Sativa.  All suspects are presently in custody helping in the investigation.  See pics below.  From: Cpl 10631 Turay A.S, Information Officer, Harbour Po

All Political Parties Positions on the proclaimed PR system

APPA-SL SUPPORT THE USE OF THE PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION PR) DISTRICT BLOCK SYSTEM FOR THE 2023 MULTI-TIER ELECTIONS The All Political Parties Association Sierra Leone (APPA-SL), the legitimate umbrella body of registered political parties in Sierra Leone and recognized by the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) in Sierra Leone has read with rapt attention the press release dated 21st October 2022 from the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL), that informed the public that accordance with section 38 (a) of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone, His Excellency the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone Brig (Retired) Julius Maada Bio, has directed the ECSL to conduct the 2023 Public Elections using the Proportional Representation (PR) District Block System. APPA-SL has also carefully read the provision in section 38(a) of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone and wishes to state that, His Excellency the President Brig (Retired) Julius Ma

ECSL releases Timeline for Exhibition

   Timeline for Exhibition  SN DATE EVENT/ACTIVITY COMMENTS/LEGAL PROVISION Responsible Departments/Persons RECRUITMENT AND TRAINING FOR EXHIBITION PROCESS 1. 8th Oct. 2022 End of Second phase of data capture 2. 9th October, 2022 Extraction of Second phase data from laptops Ward Coordinators 3. 9th October, 2022 Retrieval of kits & materials from field to DHQ Ward Coordinators 4. 10th October, 2022 Consolidation of district data to district servers at DHQ Data Focal/District team  5. 10th – 12th Oct, 2022 Movement of district servers & kits from DHQ to NHQ 3 days Ops/Data Management 6. 10th – 12th Oct., 2022 Uploading of District data into National Server & Data Cleansing 3 days Data Management 7. 13th – 28th Oct, 2022 Data Cleansing, de-duplication and adjudication 16 days Data Management 8. 29th Oct. – 12th Nov., 2022 Printing of PVR 15 days Data Mgt/DPL/Ops 9. 1st – 2nd Nov 2022 Trai