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PRA seals & suspend NP Brookfields Gas Station

Breaking News‼️ PRA seals & suspend NP Brookfields Gas Station The NP petroleum station  at Brookfields, Kinghaman Road Freetown, has been sealed and license suspended for a deliberate refusal to sell to the public violating the petroleum laws of Sierra Leone.  The statuon refused to sell out fuel to the public as on the process being caught up on the  supervision by the Chairman of the Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA), during the investigation as to why they're refusing to sell out to the public, findings came out that they have a Suffient products as follows:  Petrol: 14,800 liters,  10,000 in BRV, 4,800 liters underground. Diesel: 2,200 liters

5th Batch of FPU left for AMISOM

5th Batch of FPU left for AMISOM By: Kembay Police Headquarters, George Street Freetown, Tuesday 29, March, 2022 In a colourful ceremony, the Deputy Internal Affair Minister, Lahai Lawrence Leema, Chairman on Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Internal Affair, Hon Kanneh, the Executive Management Board (EMB) and senior members of the  Sierra Leone Police (SLP) have bid farewell to the fifth batch of the Form Police Unit (FPU) Contingent who will be leaving the shores of the country for the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) on Wednesday 30th March 2022. In his keynote statements to the enthusiastic and galant officers, the Deputy Internal Affair Minister Lahai Lawrence Leema re-echo President Bio commitment in improving the conditions and standards of the security sector including the Police to enable them global peacekeeping tasks at all his African Union and United Nations summits addresses. According to the interior deputy minister, the officers have


APPLICATION FOR STATE LAND The General Public is hereby informed that the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Country Planning has identified plots of State Lands in the Western Area for allocation to Sierra Leonean. In continuation of the successful LAND RAFFLE MODEL that was introduced in December 2021, the Ministry is inviting applications for State Land Lease from Sierra Leoneans in the following categories: 1. Civil Servants 2. Security Forces (Military, Police, Fire Force, Prisons)  3. Medical Personnel 4. Teachers/Lecturers 5. Journalists/Press Citizens in the aforementioned categories should have served in their respective careers for a period of at least Five (5) Years. Application Forms for the advertised State Lands would be electronically accessed, filled out and submitted through the website of the Ministry  Click here to apply now!  not later than Friday, April 8, 2022. The Public Raffle Draw for this set of applicants will take place on Thursday, May 12, 2022 in t

The APC assaults a physically challenged person for voting for the SLPP in the recently concluded Koya bye-election.

Following the recently concluded bye-election in Koya, members of the main opposition party, the APC, went on a rampage, destroying the properties of people they believe did not support their candidate, including physically challenged people. This is a clear indication that if the APC wins the upcoming presidential election by mistake, they will treat SLPP supporters even worse than they did after winning the 2007 election. This is a serious matter that the SLPP government must address by using the constitutional tools at its disposal to deal with all those responsible for the chaos in Mammama. It'll serve as a warning to those who want to do the same thing again in the future. I repeat, if the APC party wins the upcoming elections by mistake, its supporters will wreck havoc on SLPP supporters. In fact, I'm reliably informed that they'll wreck havoc even if they lose. See how they manhandled a disable... Click on the video. 

Waterloo youths are said to be protesting a fuel shortage.

According to a report, young people in Waterloo, Western Area Rural, were seen protesting against the country's fuel shortage. See video footage! 

LAC reappeared, this time in the midst of a video shoot.

Baimba Moiforay, also known as LA Chocolate or the World Boss, has reappeared on social media after explaining how his conviction and pardon occurred. This time, he appeared in scenes from a video shoot.  To see the video, simply click here! Note: video is retrieved from his YouTube channel 

The APC's failing status is demonstrated by the Koya result.

Every serious political party has a stronghold, and a political party's strong base is rarely enough to win general elections. And, in order to win general elections, members of a political party must infiltrate another man's stronghold in order to relatively neutralize votes. In the case of the SLPP and the APC, the SLPP has dramatically extended its presence in APC strongholds, whilst the APC has yet to do so. For example, multiple by-elections have been held in the northwest and northeast, which are thought to be strongholds of the main opposition party, yet the SLPP has won some and narrowly lost others. Similarly, by-elections have been held in the southeast, which has traditionally been the ruling party's strength, but the APC has not been able to win any of them. An APC candidate came in second place in a multi-ward in Bonthe District, giving the opposition an automatic ward seat in the axis. The APC should not have won the seat if the election had been h

Lungi gets brand new airport

The majority of us assumed that the ongoing airport expansion at Lungi was just that. However, the owners and government authorities involved in the project have acknowledged that the aforementioned airport is a totally new one, nearly double the size of the old one. If you recall, during Ernest Bai Koroma's presidency, he sought to build a new airport in Mamama, which would have automatically displaced the Lungi International, putting the Lungi people out of work and reducing the destination's economic activity. Furthermore, the project, which entailed borrowing money from the Chinese, was deemed an unprofitable agreement by the IMF and the World Bank. Even though the construction of a new airport was not in President Bio's agenda, it was regarded very significant because the previous one was dilapidated and did not meet contemporary international standards when he assumed office. President Bio had to find a solution to build a new airport for Sierra Leone with

A Sierra Leonean musician has condemned social media misbehavior.

The battle for supremacy has spread to social media platforms, and in Sierra Leone, where it's sometimes done unconventionally, an artist by the name of Jooel of chief Bombolai fame has accused a female Afro genre singer and poet by the name of Fantacee Wiz of playing fouls on social media. According to Jooel, Fantacee has built a fake social media page to criticize other performers while simultaneously praising herself. Link to Jooel facebook post "R kin find m difficult for understand the length at which some of we fellow entertainers dae go for bash or destroy the image wae others dn build.. is it for relevance.. well I guess so.. trying to destroy someone else’s work or effort for that very unacceptable.. This goes for you FANTACEE WIZ.. As if creating a Facebook page called WAN POT, bashing fellow entertainers en hyping yourself is not enough.. you even go ahead n get fake accounts.. commenting negatively about fellow entertainers.. mama if you wan turn blogge

Laj arrested again... not related to politics, see the reason!

Laj was arrested and booked into a police station for violating a business agreement. I'm saying this so that it doesn't get mixed up with the statement he made about the First Lady.  According to a source, the drama revolves around an iPhone 12 pro max, which he held and refused to pay for or return to the owner, who is also the vendor. The incident was reported to the authorities two months ago, and when confronted by officers, he allegedly stated that he would keep the phone but would not give it to the owner.  When he was summoned to the police station again, he allegedly refused to turn up, and the cops had to utilize the legal means at their disposal to have him arrested and held.

Citizens have praised the energy minister and the New Direction government as electricity returns to normalcy..

The city of Freetown has been without power for more than a week. Despite the fact that the EDSA issued a statement outlining the reasons for the power outage, some citizens had different interpretations. Some spoke out against the government, while others spoke out in support of the administration, and still others came to an objective conclusion, explaining the real reasons and how the government could intervene to solve the problem. Following the detection of the fault, as stated in the ministry's press release, officials of the said ministry were investigating the fault, energy ministry officials made it clear during a press briefing at the ministry of information and communications that the problem for the power outage had been identified and that work was underway to restore electricity in the Capital city no later than this week. And as they say, so they do, which is commonly translated as talk en do. Furthermore, the New Direction governm

Nasser Ayoub releases a New single title making money ft Laj

Nasser Ayoub, one of Sierra Leone's most well-known and consistent rnb musicians, has done it again by releasing the single MAKING MONEY, which features a Sierra Leonean hip-hop star by the name of Laj of MONEY NA BANK fame. To see the teaser, click on the video or link. video link

The APC has formed a civil disobedience organization known as the marshal warriors to cause mayhem during the elections.

If the SLPP government does not stand firm and use the national constitution to regulate the operations of some opposition parties, its ambition to remain in power until and after 2023 will almost certainly be realized, but there will be some minor unwelcome chaos in some parts of the country, particularly in the APC's stronghold. If you've been following this space, you'll recall that I reported a few months ago that senior APC members allegedly formed a radical group known as the marshal warriors to protect what they called their votes in any election. Worse, these warriors are never told to protect their votes in accordance with electoral processes, but rather to use whatever means necessary, including violence. I'm pleading with Sierra Leone's government to disband these particular groups as soon as possible before the upcoming general elections. See a video of them gallivanting around Koya Chiefdom, planning to wreak havoc during the upcoming Parlia

Blackhall Road bypass to be completed soon

The long-awaited Blackhall Road bypass road, which was built to relieve traffic congestion in Freetown's east, is set to be completed very soon. The road project, which began under the Kabba-led SLPP government and construction work that began under Ernest Bai Koroma's administration, is expected to be completed soon by the Julius Maada Bio New Direction government. Government, as the saying goes, is continuity, but to be honest, the SLPP government has always been in charge of laying concrete foundations for development in Sierra Leone. Whatever the case may be, we hope that the said road construction will be completed this year, allowing residents of the East side of the Freetown municipality to commute more easily.

Some facts about Segbwema, Kailahun District

Segbwema is a town in the Kailahun District of Sierra Leone's Eastern Province. The town is a major commercial and agricultural center. Segbwema is located approximately 20 miles northeast of Kenema and approximately 225 miles south of Freetown. Segbwema is a hilly town divided roughly in half by the small river Nyeya, a tributary of the Maleh. The town is part of and serves as the headquarters of the Njaluahun chiefdom, which is nestled between the Moa and Maleh rivers. The eastern chiefdoms of Nongowa, Jawei, and Kpeje border Njaluahun. Segbwema's population is ethnically diverse. The Mende ethnic group, which is the dominant tribal group in Eastern Sierra Leone, accounts for the majority of Segbwema's population. The Taima, Pendembulo, Kabalahun, Manina, Sosso Town, Largo Square, and Nyekehun sections of Segbwema have the highest concentration of Mende residents. The other major ethnic groups are the Madingo and Fula pupulation, which are mostly c

SLPP wuteh teh fame politicians join campaign

In Kailahun District, SLPP strongmen of the wu teteh experience have firmly united to send the main opposition APC Party to political oblivion. During the campaign for a bye-election to be held this month in Kailahun, the United Force was revealed. Mr. John Oponjo Benjamin, former Chairman and Leader of the Sierra Leone People's Party, Dr. John Karimu, Hon. Kes Boyah, and other strong political gurus within constituency 005 were among the highly experienced politician geeks spotted. Mr. John Oponjo Benjamin explained that the goal of their strategic campaign was not just to ensure that the candidate won, but also to ensure that the SLPP received a large number of votes to send a strong message to the APC that Kailahun still supports the SLPP. watch short video statement!

War against development, EDSA transformer destroyed again.

Another theft of cable occurred at the Guma pumping station, which is located in the Hill station. The New Direction Government has made significant efforts to ensure that electricity access is expanded and affordable. However, the struggle has not been easy, and it has encountered significant opposition from some Sierra Leoneans who believe that nothing good will happen unless their Party is in charge of governance. Destruction of government property in the name of sabotage for any reason is a heinous crime that should be universally condemned.

Russians and the Chinese are far ahead in hypersonic weapons race

As the war rages in Ukraine there are renewed calls for more military spending in the United States. The 1.5 trillion dollars spending bill that president Biden design this week actually cut some of the funding for a high profile program, hypersonic missiles.  they can travel faster than the speed of sound and can change direction. Mid flight experts say the Russians and the Chinese are far ahead in this hypersonic weapons race so now military leaders in the US are debating how to get America's missile program up to speed. Since the invasion of Ukraine began Russia has fired more than 1000 missiles A-war of projectiles that has experts concerns. hypersonic missiles travel, it upwards a 5 times the speed of sound, and are highly maneuverable and potentially able to avoid traditional radar systems  Russia and China already have them but the US which 1st worked on the technology decades ago before funding was temporarily pulled is behind The US Air

Koinadugu and Kono link, powered by Paopa

The country's most isolated regions deserve better. When the SLPP took control, they were confronted with a swinging bridge across a river that connects Koindugu and Kono, a condition that had existed for years under the APC's reign. Late President Kabba had a plan to build it and had secured finance, but it was abandoned when the government changed for reasons best known to the APC. Finally, the SLPP government has facilitated the  construction through the proactive efforts of the Deputy Minister of Justice, who is also the SLPP National Secretary General, and the project is moving forward at a rapid pace.

Panguma and Bandajuma District coming soon...

Two previously abolished districts will be reintroduced into the country's existing districts. This is based on rumors we've heard from the recently completed national population census.   Eastern Province. 1.Kailahun District 2.Kenema  District 3.Kono District 4.Panguma District Segbwema Town will most likely become the Panguma District's District Headquarter.   North-East Province 1.Bombali District 2.Falaba District 3.Koinadugu District 4.Tonkolili District   North-West Province 1.Kambia District 2.Kerena District 3.Port Loko District   Southern Province 1.Bandajuma District 2.Bo District 3.Bonthe District 4.Moyamba District 5.Pujrhun District Road to Bandajuma Town, which will most likely become the Bandajuma District's district headquarters. Panguma and Bandajuma were originally districts in Sierra Leone. See the map below for more information.

Breaking news! PRA on spot checks

Officials from the Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA), including the Executive Chairman, are currently conducting spot checks across the country to ensure that sales are continuing. One of their spot checks took place at NP Brookfields, where the station has around 10,300 litres of petrol on hand but refuses to sell to the general public. Even while the agency is doing everything it can within the confines of the law to appropriately regulate the petroleum market so that marketers do not lose money and consumers do not suffer, certain marketers continue to ignore the negotiated concerns.

PRA will frown at petroleum products sold in jerry cans and black Markets.

No one is authorized to trade in petroleum products without the approval of the only Agency constituted by parliament, which is punishable under Sierra Leonean law if disobeyed. As a result, petroleum products sold in jerry cans and on the underground market are highly unlawful. The Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA), which has sole authority over the regulation of petroleum products, has issued a severe warning, saying: "In Sierra Leone, there is sufficient petroleum stock, which is sold for Le 15,000.00 across the country. Petroleum products distributed in jerry cans and on the illicit market would be frowned upon by PRA."

Votes for the SLPP are expected to rise in the 2023 elections in the APC's strongholds

The highly anticipated presidential election date has been set, and based on the necessary factors and voting patterns, the SLPP will significantly increase its presence in traditional APC strongholds. Looking at the results of the 2018 presidential election, the SLPP had a strong showing as an opposition party, despite the fact that the APC had not only incumbency power, but also monetary power at the time. The results of the 2018 presidential election are listed below. If everything stays the same, meaning the PMDC and the cancellation of over 400 polling stations in SLPP strongholds don't happen again, the SLPP will not only win by a landslide, but will likely break late President Kabba's record. Because, based on current activities in the APC stronghold, such as the expansion of basic necessities such as solar electricity and water supply in rural communities, as well as the defected cases of strong APC members to the SLPP, the SLPP will be able to s