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Tollgate contract document

The contract document for Tollgate that was endorsed by the APC government. Verify aspect 10:4 of the contract document to ascertain whether it was explicitly stated that fee adjustments would be made in the event of an exchange rate issue.   Please check on points 10:4 The remaining documents will be posted later 

On Monday, January 30, NCRA will begin issuing the much anticipated biometric ID cards.

  How can you obtain the Biometric National Identity Card beginning on Monday, January 30, and moving forward? You must register with the NCRA before submitting a request for your National biometric ID Card in order to obtain your Biometric National ID Card. You can obtain your National biometric ID Card, however, if you have already registered with the NCRA. Simply fill out an application at the NCRA office that is closest to you. It could be in Makeni, Kabala, Pujehun, etc. The securitized identity card comes in three different categories. -The National ID Card: This ID Card is purely for citizens of Sierra Leone, and The cost to produce a national identity card costs 140 NLe. -The ECOWAS Identity Card. Two types of ID Cards fall under this category, which is produced on demand. The ID card issued by ECOWAS to Sierra Leoneans and those who are not Sierra Leoneans. Additionally, production costs range from Le240 for citizens of Sierra Leone to Le400 for non-citizens. The ECOWAS I

APC District Executive Elections suspended

  POLITICAL PARTIES REGULATION COMMISSION OAU Drive, Tower Hill, Freetown, Sierra Leone Email: Website: PPRC +232 76 640437/+23278 443294 PRESS STATEMENT 18th January 2023 The Political Parties Regulation Commission (PPRC) is in receipt of several Petitions, from almost all of the sixteen electoral districts in the Country, save for Bombali, Moyamba, and Kailahun so far, relative to the conduct and outcome of the All Peoples Congress Party Constituency Executive elections. Consequent upon the above, the TIIEMC is advised to put on hold the District Executive Elections slated for tomorrow Thursday the 19th of January 2023, till the aforementioned Petitions are heard and determined. This also serves, to inform all Petitioners, the Chairman and Secretary of the ITGC, and the Chairman and District focal persons of the TIIEMC that, the Petitions will be heard on Friday the 20th January 2023, at the Conference room of the Commission at Tower H

APC lower level election, police discovered dangerous weapons.

  There was violence and intimidation during the APC lower level election. After the first election, certain wards' results were eventually declared invalid due to petitions. There was a date set, which is currently January 14, 2023, for the rerunning of the invalidated elections. a day that has been ruled unlawful by the 21-person committee tasked by the court with overseeing the party election process. Today's election featured a great deal of violence. Watch video...

Mr. Kutubu Koroma praises the New Direction Govt.

  POLITICO/REALITY 101 (FOREIGN AFFAIRS) FOR THE ENLIGHTENMENT OF THE HONORABLE PROFESSOR DAVID FRANCIS,VICAR OF THE NATION’S DOCTRINAL CARDINAL FOREIGN POLICY NICHE. THE WAY FORWARD IN THE CONDUCT OF THE SIERRA LEONE’S FOREIGN POLICY WITH THE INCEPTION OF A DIPLOMATIC ACADEMY FIRST IN HISTORY,A MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT BY THE JULIUS MAADA BIO LED SLPP ADMINISTRATION. I wish to begin with by first of all thanking the Bio administration in general,but Professor David Francis in particular for the bold step this government has taken to establish a diplomatic academy designed to train our men and women to be able to compete with Ghana and Nigeria by equipping them with the necessary skills,knowledge,and statecraft for the effective diplomatic representations of Sierra Leone. We have lots of catching up with those countries. Ghana in 1957 under the leadership of Dr.Kwame Nkrumah envisioned the role Ghana will play on the world stage eventually and saw fit to create a Foreign Service with its a