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PRA seals & suspend NP Brookfields Gas Station

Breaking News‼️ PRA seals & suspend NP Brookfields Gas Station The NP petroleum station  at Brookfields, Kinghaman Road Freetown, has been sealed and license suspended for a deliberate refusal to sell to the public violating the petroleum laws of Sierra Leone.  The statuon refused to sell out fuel to the public as on the process being caught up on the  supervision by the Chairman of the Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA), during the investigation as to why they're refusing to sell out to the public, findings came out that they have a Suffient products as follows:  Petrol: 14,800 liters,  10,000 in BRV, 4,800 liters underground. Diesel: 2,200 liters

Cattle imports into Sierra Leone are prohibited by the country's authorities.

PUBLIC NOTICE REPORTED CLUSTER OF DEATHS OF CATTLE IN LIBERIA Following confirmed reports from the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) in Liberia, through its Field Office in Lofa County on the discovery of cluster of dead cattle in a field in Kelima Bendu Town, Foyah District, the Ministry of Agriculture, and Food Security (MAFS) and partners in Sierra Leone would like to institute the following preventive measures with immediate effect: 1. TEMPORARY band of movement of cattle, goats, and sheep along the Liberia Sierra Leone boarder. 2. Prohibit the entrance of meat and meat products from Liberia into Sierra Leone. 3. Restrict the movement of cattle, goats, and sheep from Kailahun, Kenema and Pujehun to other districts in Sierra Leone. 4. Temporary ban the movement of meat and meat products from Kailahun, Kenema and Pujehun to other districts in Sierra Leone. 5. Temporary closure of all livestock markets in Kailahun, Kenema and Pujehun 6. Ministry of Agriculture and Food Securit

The young generation leader of the SLPP invites the youth wing of the APC to a dialogue.

SIERRA LEONE PEOPLE'S PARTY One country, one people NATIONAL YOUNG GENERARTION COUNCIL (NYGC) The National Young Congress Leader All Peoples Congress (APC) Old Railway Line Brookfield, Freetown INVITATION TO A DIALOGUE/MEETING REGARDING THE PROGRESS OF SIERRA LEONE It is my esteemed honour as directed by the SLPP-NYGC Leader to invite you and your Youths' Congress to a national dialogue on the future of this our beloved country, Sierra Leone. As the National Youths Congress Leader of the main opposition APC party, the leadership of the Sierra Leone People's Party National-Young Generation Council is pleased to continue engaging with you on matters relating to national peace and security, youth empowerment by strengthening the All Political Parties Youths Association (APPYA), and inclusive governance. The key reason for the formation of every political party within our beloved nation, is to have a united and prosperous Sierra Leone. Hence,

Supreme Court Dismisses Charles Margai’s Recusal Application

Supreme Court Dismisses Charles Margai’s Recusal Application Judiciary of Sierra Leone Communications, Main Law Court Building, Court No. 1, 14th July 2023: The Supreme Court of Sierra Leone, presided over by the Honourable Chief Justice, His Lordship Justice Desmond Babatunde Edwards has dismissed the recusal application made by Charles Francis Margai, Solicitor and Counsel for Patrick John and the PMDC (1st and 2nd Plaintiffs) against the Hon. Chief Justice and Hon. Justice Ansumana Ivan Sesay on procedural grounds.  The panel, which included the Hon. Chief Justice (JSC), Hon. Justice Nicholas C. Browne-Marke(JSC), Hon. Justice M. F. Deen-Tarawally (JSC), Hon. Justice Alusine S. Sesay (JSC) and Hon. Justice Ansumana Ivan Sesay (JA) was unanimous in their decision. The matter was instituted by  Patrick John and the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) against the Chief Electoral Commissioner, Mohammed Konneh, the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (

President Julius Maada Bio has received congratulations from the Sierra Leone Bar Association.

REPORT OF THE SIERRA LEONE BAR ASSOCIATION OBSERVATION ON THE  24TH JUNE 2023 MULTI-TIER ELECTIONS INTRODUCTION 1. The Sierra Leone Bar Association (SLBA) is a professional body of legal practitioners in Sierra Leone. Part of the mandate of the SLBA as contained in paragraph 3(g)(h)(i)(s) of its  Memorandum of Association is to consider all questions of law affecting the interest of the  State, and provide information on legal subjects including all matters affecting the public. 2. In light of its mandate and with a view to have a free, fair, and peaceful elections on 24th June 2023, the SLBA at its Annual General Meeting on 17th March 2023, facilitated the undertaking by all key stakeholders in the electioneering process including but not limited to the incumbent  Sierra Leone People’s Party and main opposition party the All Peoples Congress to commit to a peaceful, fair and fair electioneering process through the signing the York Declaration. 3. Tw