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Swift Response from Security sector, saves Central of Freetown from Calamity

Swift Response from Security sector, saves Central of Freetown from Calamity By: Kembay Central Business District (CBD), Thursday 21st September, 2023 The security sector in a move to restore not only law and order but peace and calmness in the Central Business District (CBD) of Freetown gun down a notorious criminal, Mohamed Massaquoi commonly known as Big Fish. Eyewitness account states that Big Fish accompany by two others in an unknown intention grabbed the weapon of a female Operational Support Division (OSD) officer by on Charlotte Street by UBA Bank and an attempt by members of the public to disarm him resulted to rapid shooting  both on the ground and in the air. The sounds from the gun shots attracted the attention of the security sector, mainly the Military and Police who traced the sound and caught up with the desperado on Lightfoot Boston Street where he was gun down, an action that yielded public jubilation and commendation of the security sector.  Meanwhile, i

APC to redo the National Delegates Conference

As assured in my last public notice to the general membership and sympathizers of the All Peoples Congress party on the 17" February 2023 regarding the interim injunction issued on the 15' February 2023 by Her Lordship, Hannah Bonnie of the Sierra Leone High Court. 1 want to reaffirm that the ITGC will issue statement on the status of the matter and update the general membership on the outcome and continue to proffer legitimate way forward in the event the interim injunction is lifted Until then, the ITGC, pursuant to paragraph 90.10 of the FINAL JUDGEMENT of Justice Adrian Fisher of the Sicrra Leone High Court remains the legitimate body tasked with the responsibility of governing the overall affairs of the APC until an all inclusive National Delegate Conference (NDC) is held in the near future. The APC as a government in waiting remains law abiding as we look forward to a peaceful, free and fair general elections in June of this year.

Dr. Alie urgently visited the disputed Yenga

 ALIE KABBA VISITS DISPUTED YENGA Alie Kabba, radical progressive nationalist, met with Guinean military personnel engaged in an illegal incursion and occupation of Sierra Leonean territory around Yenga, Kissi Teng Chiefdom, Kailahun District. He also held fruitful discussions with local stakeholders in the Yenga community regarding the impact of the illegal Guinean military border incursion on the social, economic and security fabric of the area. Alie Kabba told the Guinean military personnel in Yenga that their actions are a gross violation of the spirit of friendly relations between Sierra Leone and Guinea. "It is in our common interest to avoid a military crisis along our common borders and pursue diplomatic channels to reslove all disputes," he told them in impeccable French. He reiterated that President Julius Maada Bio has always reached out to his Guinean counterparts to express his concerns about incursions into Sierra Leonean territory.  He informed them that Presid

A careless truck driver crashed into the First Lady's convoy.

  By: Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden OOR Monday 6th February 2023 This is the Lorry which drove with high speed and rammed into the convoy of First Lady Fatima Maada Bio after the driver said his brakes failed him whilst he was driving the lorry at top speed on the Makeni Highway. The First Lady is safe but naturally she is very, very concerned over her security staff who are affected. The lost control lorry narrowly missed the actual official vehicle in which First Lady Fatima Maada Bio was actually seated as she returned to Freetown from Kono via Makeni Highway. After first missing her official vehicle, the lorry driver continued, with high speed, to hit the back of one of the security vehicles before continuing to actually ride over a third security vehicle; in the process seriously injuring several close protection security officials. Because of the height of the lorry, the lorry driver did not sustain serious injuries. However, it practically rolled on top of the convoy vehicle, serio