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PRA seals & suspend NP Brookfields Gas Station

Breaking News‼️ PRA seals & suspend NP Brookfields Gas Station The NP petroleum station  at Brookfields, Kinghaman Road Freetown, has been sealed and license suspended for a deliberate refusal to sell to the public violating the petroleum laws of Sierra Leone.  The statuon refused to sell out fuel to the public as on the process being caught up on the  supervision by the Chairman of the Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA), during the investigation as to why they're refusing to sell out to the public, findings came out that they have a Suffient products as follows:  Petrol: 14,800 liters,  10,000 in BRV, 4,800 liters underground. Diesel: 2,200 liters

The Agriculture Minister kicks off the Feed the Nation agenda preparations.

The Minister of Agriculture and Food Security Explores Great Scarcies in Pursuit of President Bio's #FeedSalone Vision By; Yankin Kailondo  A new chapter unfolds in Sierra Leone's agricultural narrative as President Bio's commitment to #FeedSalone takes root. A nation where rice is not merely a meal but a cultural cornerstone. Led by the steadfast Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Dr. Henry Musa Kpaka, has made a visit to the fertile lands of Great Scarcies (Samu and Mambolo) on a scoping mission that has set the stage for transformative change. As the Minister set foot on the fertile soils of Great Scarcies, he carried with him the collective hopes and aspirations of a nation yearning for food self-sufficiency and prosperity. The fields, vibrant and promising, stretched to the horizon, a canvas of potential waiting to be harnessed. Amidst the fields, conversations flowed between the Minister and local farmers. Their stories, dreams, and cha

Sierra Leone Police receives more boost from the USA.

As IGP Sellu Dreams Come true, CIU Receives More Boost By: Kembay|Kamboi Times Newspaper  Police Headquarters, George Street Freetown, Thursday 24 August, 2023 The dream of the Inspector General of Sierra Leone Police (IGP) Mr. William Fayia Sellu for the Cyber Investigative Unit (CIU) is becoming a reality, when the Rtd USA special force named Jerry Torres, who funded it establishment, in a follow-up visit disclosed that they are here with additional capability for the unit. Updating the Rtd US base special force, IGP Sellu explained that since it inception, the CIU has done a lot in the fight against cyber crimes in the country.  The unit he reiterated has been successful in several interventions leading to prosecution at High Court.  "Whenever I have time to address the public, I always tell them we have the best cyber Investigations unit after South Africa in Africa" he said  He went on to disclosed that the SLP is working on synchronising data wit

Drug peddlers arrested in Waterloo.

WATERLOO POLICE RAID GHETTOS, ARREST OVER SIXTY PEOPLE 20-08-2023 In Intelligence-led raids spearheaded by the LUC of Waterloo Police Division, *CSP Mr. Ibrahim M Sama, a total of sixty-seven (67) people, comprising Ten (10) women and Fifty-seven (57) men from various addresses within Waterloo (Tombo junction, 555 park, Gbeyshan, Deep-Eye Water) and Madina Wallahi village in Tombo have been arrested in raids on ghettos and criminal hideouts. Hugequantum of Kush and Cannabis Sativa together with equipment (scale, scissors, plastic bags, etc.) used in the processing and sales of the narcotics were arrested by the Police as exhibits. The Police demolished several makeshift structures (baffas) where the drug peddlers and users assemble. The Crime Officer of Waterloo, D/ASP Mr. Joseph B Lansana, assured everyone that the arrested persons will appear at the Magistrate's Court, King Yard, Waterloo, on Monday the 21st of August, 2023. More to

After much consideration, LAC has decided to cease providing aid to Sierra Leoneans.

In his most recent video, LAC has made a definitive decision to cease all activities he has been engaged in for the sake of the Sierra Leonean population. The provision of aid to individuals in need has abruptly ceased. LAC expressed concern on the misinterpretation of his philanthropic endeavours, which has resulted in the receipt of negative feedback from certain individuals in Sierra Leone. LAC stated that for to this reason, he will be resigning with immediate effect, and urges people who have been expressing animosity towards him to instead provide the necessary assistance to the Sierra Leoneans who require relief.  It is widely acknowledged that there is a significant global economic crisis affecting various regions, including Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Ghana. However, my decision to offer assistance stems from the deep affection I possess for both my fellow citizens and our nation. Not many individuals possessing financial resources exhibit the volition to assist tho

Those Unimpressive Words From the Outgone US Ambassador, David Reimer

Those Unimpressive Words From the Outgone US Ambassador, David Reimer. By Kembay Sierra Leoneans and other non citizens residents in Sierra Leone were shocked over a statements made by the ousted United States of America Ambassador, David Reimer in a local Radio broadcast on Thursday 17th August, 2023. The ousted US Ambassador statements which all listeners viewed as adding insult to injury came at a time the country is still grappling with it political and economic stalemate just after the June 24 2023 general elections.  Ambassador Reimer statements in that broadcast exposed him of putting personal sentiments above diplomatic protocols in adherence to sovereignty.  Where in the world has Reimer seeing the opposition accepting defeat or has he forgotten that as we speak, Donald Trump is yet to accept the victory of Joe Biden in the 2020 US elections over allegations of irregularities? Ambassador Reimer if truly is a honest man should not have accepted his appointment as Am

Sierra Leone's President, Julius Maada Bio, will put an end to food insecurity.

PRESIDENT JULIUS MAADA BIO WILL END FOOD INSECURITY IN SIERRA LEONE, AND EVEN THE OPPOSITION FORCES ARE AWARE OF THIS. Anyone who knows President Bio for keeping his word will never have any doubts about anything he says. Let's look at some historical evidence to see if his pledge to always stand by his words can be supported. When Siaka Stevens' APC implemented one-party rule, Sierra Leone turned into a place where everyone suffered, especially those who opposed the terror regime. Nothing that the Bible and the Quran mention as being a punishment in hell was not unleashed on the people of Sierra Leone by the dangerously-run One Party State government. The one-party state agenda was undoubtedly a typical form of government adopted by the majority of African countries to encourage political stability for a continuous administration of state activities. Many African nations took advantage of the chance to lay down tangible development pillars for the