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Turkish Ambassador Pays Follow-up visit to IGP on PIKM Regulation

Turkish Ambassador Pays Follow-up visit to IGP on PIKM Regulation By Kembay Police Headquarters George Street Freetown, Wednesday 28th February, 2024 Her Excellency the Turkish Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Madam Sibel Erkan has visited the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mr. William Fayia Sellu to know the SLP stands on the Police Coordination and Cooperation Center (PIKM), ahead of the 5-6 May and 15-17 July, 2024 OIC meetings in Banju and Yaounde respectively.  In her presentations, Her Excellency Madam Erkan discloses that, her visit was to know if the SLP is interested in being part of the Police Coordination and Cooperation Center (PIKM) establishment following the 13th Summit  heads of States and Government of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The PIKM she went on to explained would be established to combat terrorism, extremism, organised crime and to strengthen capacities of PIKM members states.  "For the Center to become op

The Interim leader of the APC has sacked the interim Head of the Party's secretariat.

With reference to the above subject matter, I write to inform the APC party membership, supporters, and synpatlizers that the Honourable Abdul Kargbo have been removed detective immediately as Head of Secretariat and member  of the Interm Transition Governing Committee (ITGC) Secretarat. The ITGC reached this decision to remove Honouable Abdul Kargbo from  the ITGC secretariat after series of Inconceivable behaviors coined to create division and further  hinder the progress and unity of the APC party. The Honourable Abdul Kargbo is still a comrade and member of the ITGC The ITGC Secretanat duties will be perforned by other mebers of tie secretariat Commitee at the directives of the ITGC leadership. correspondences, requests, and Comnunications from the Honourable Abdul Kargbo in any alleged capacity as member of the ITGC Secretariate must be verified by tihe ITGC leadership before acted upon. Let it be known that  the formation of all standing committees of the ITGC was not

SLP says no to APC press conference in Magburaka

RE: REQUEST FOR POLICE CLEARANCE AND COVERAGE/SECURITY COVERAGE AND CLEARANCE FOR A PRESS CONFERENCE I am directed to acknowledge receipt of a letter dated 26 October, 2022 signed by Hon. Abdul Kargbo as Secretary & Head of the Secretariat (TCG) requesting for police clearance for two meetings in P'ortloko and Magburka on 30 " October, 2022 and another letter dated 28 October, 2022 signed by Alfred Peter Conteh as Chairman of the Interim Transitional Governing Committee (ITGC) requesting for seeurity coverage for a Press Conference in Magburaka on the same day 30th October, 2022 I'm  further directed to state that, the SLP is reliably informed of the pending court matter meant  for an interpretation of the ruling of the Hon. Justice Adrian Fisher that established the ITCG. This, coupled with the situation where both parties intend to have two different programmes in Magburaka on the same date is seen as a source of violent confrontation. Based on the advice

There is no VISA ban for Sierra Leoneans traveling to Dubai.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Thursday 27 October, 2022 The attention of the Sierra Leone Embassy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been drawn to social media reports claiming that the UAE Government has issued a visa ban on Sierra Leoneans and several other African nationals. The Embassy wishes to state that it has NOT received any information on same from official sources in the UAE and therefore considers the said report being circulated asfalse and misleading. Meanwhile, the UAE has recently introduced series of visa reforms, including but not limited to the reduction of the duration of tourist visas from three months to two months. Other new criteria for entry into the country can be found on the UAE Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security portal: Consequently, we encourage all Sierra Leoneans planning to visit the UAE on tourism or business purposes to go ahead with their visa applications as planned.

The ECSL has issued a critical alert.

Press Statement In accordance with Section 38(A) of the Constitution of Sierra Leone, 1991 (Act No 6 of 1991) as amended in 2001, referencing subsection 3 of Section 38 "the President may, after consultation with the Electoral Commission, direct that such election shall be conducted on the basis of the existing Districts in a manner to be known as the District Block Representation system instead of constituencies". On 19 October, 2022, the Commission held a consultative meeting with His Excellency, President Julius Maada Bio to update him on progress relating to the Boundary Delimitation exercise being undertaken by the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone. Subsequently, on 20 October, 2022, the Commission received a correspondence from H.E. the President in which the ECSL was directed to use the District Block and Proportional Representation (PR) System, for the conduct of the June, 24th, 2023 multi-tier elections. Within this context, the Commission hereby info

We have enough fertile land to grow enough food.

We have Fertile Land to Produce Sufficient Food President Bio tells farmers in Kabala on World Food Day By Joseph S. Margai, Strategic Communications Coordinator President Julius Maada Bio has, on Sunday, October 16, 2022, told farmers and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector that the country has enough fertile land which should be utilized to enhance food security. President Bio, who was speaking at the World Food Day celebration in Kabala mini stadium, said there was an urgent need for private sector participation in agriculture because an inclusive approach will boost food production. The event was not just a show of what various districts within the country are capable of producing, but a commitment that we can feed ourselves with what we cultivate.  Crops that are only unique to certain districts within Sierra Leone were on display during the event. There were various farming groups whose foodstuffs were also on display. These farming gr

Linking registration for Public Exams to the National Identification Number (NIN)

The National Civil Registration Authority NCRA wishes to inform the general public that, in response to the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education's (MBSSE) Public Notice linking registration for Public Exams to the National Identification Number (NIN) , and the NIN being a requirement for enlistment into the Public Service, the Authority has implemented the following measures:

Musa Noah Kamara aka Musa Tombo in another drama

Bo City residents saw Musa Noah Kamara, also known as Musa Tombo, going down the street while wearing only an empty pair of pants. Three days ago, Musa Tombo stabbed himself in the buttock and was later taken to the hospital for treatment. The news was all over social media.  Observe the video below...

Iceman warms Sierra Leoneans to be patriotic and think big

A Sierra Leonean and Lebanese who has recently moved to the United States offered a beautiful and motivating message to all Sierra Leoneans in a video. One of the sentences in his message that made me calm down and have more hope for Sierra Leone was when he mentioned he had spent 5 months in the United States and wanted to return to Sierra Leone, and that Sierra Leone has everything needed for human survival. Issam Elsamad continues to warn Sierra Leoneans to refrain from broadcasting negative images of Sierra Leone since it will turn off tourists and potential investors. During his tenure in Sierra Leone, Issam, dubbed "Iceman," was involved in ecotourism, taking magnificent images of the country and posting them on the internet. See below the video footage... 

The President provides a motorcycle to a female SSS student so she can commute to class.

"Since you place a high value on education and I do as well, I ask you kindly to assist me in getting a bike so that I can use it to travel to school in order to prevent being late. I have difficulties getting to school." SSS female said this to President Bio.  The President instantly granted her request, which made her happy. See her response on the video clip.

BECE results have been released

The long-awaited BECE results have been published to the Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education's desk for analysis. "The Ministry has today received the BECE 2022 results from WAEC. As usual, we will do summary analyses, release hard copies to schools and seek to make available via SMS Result Checker as soon as possible. Thanks to WAEC, all teachers who marked and the students. We strongly encourage all administrative processes to be completed asap so students begin learning by October 24th. We can do it!"