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PRA seals & suspend NP Brookfields Gas Station

Breaking News‼️ PRA seals & suspend NP Brookfields Gas Station The NP petroleum station  at Brookfields, Kinghaman Road Freetown, has been sealed and license suspended for a deliberate refusal to sell to the public violating the petroleum laws of Sierra Leone.  The statuon refused to sell out fuel to the public as on the process being caught up on the  supervision by the Chairman of the Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA), during the investigation as to why they're refusing to sell out to the public, findings came out that they have a Suffient products as follows:  Petrol: 14,800 liters,  10,000 in BRV, 4,800 liters underground. Diesel: 2,200 liters

Dr. John Idriss Lahai, the whistle-blower for fake degrees is "Social Medially dead".

Dr. John Idriss Lahai, the whistle-blower for fake degrees is "Social Medially dead".

If you recall, in the year 2022, Dr. John Idriss Lahai, a whistle-blower who exposed a phony degree, attracted the attention of every patriotic Sierra Leonean.
His activity came to light after it was found that numerous Sierra Leoneans had received honorary PhDs from a Waterloo, Western Rural District postsecondary institution that was not accredited. Even well-known Sierra Leoneans, including the previous Inspector General of Police, were given honorary PhDs by the university known as Dominion University. When it was determined that the aforementioned university lacks the integrity to grant such a credential, the IG subsequently declined the offer.

Dominion University PHD award ceremony

From this point on, Dr. John Idriss Lahai began to expose Sierra Leoneans who, in his opinion, had earned questionable academic credentials. He then began to draw attention from people from all areas of life. Even notable institutions like the Ministry of Education, Sierra Leone's parliament, and foreign media outlets covered his work.

Young graduates like myself joined the line to applaud his advocacy for ensuring that all those with falsified academic credentials are removed from the workplace and that those with meritorious degrees are hired.
Because it was impossible to get employment after completing your studies at the university and because of the factors he highlighted, the majority of graduates assumed his writings to be true.

On the way there, there was too much name-calling and some distorted investigation, so I had to stop and consider the veracity of some of his statements.
Even my friends turned against me when I deviated from the thread, grew doubtful and suspicious of his discovery, and openly criticized some of his findings. Simply because the whistle-blower began disparaging those who worked for the Paopa government, my friends assumed I was trying to play the race card when it came to his efforts.

I used every strategy at my disposal to persuade them of my ideas, but none of them were receptive. I assured my detractors that I wasn't undermining the man in any way, only calling attention to some assertions that needed to be independently verified. I had a lot of criticism for the whistleblower's method of conducting his research.

I further explained to my detractors that in the world we now inhabit, some Sierra Leoneans simply dislike others and fabricate tales about them in an effort to tarnish their well-deserved reputations. Additionally, negative habits are common in offices.

I even told Dr. John Idriss Lahai that while he was on the right side of history, he shouldn't let enemies take advantage of him by giving him false information about others so that he could publish it without conducting any research. He was dealing with a serious issue that could harm the reputations of people he was exposing.

When John Idriss Lahai began to veer away from his first struggle and began to publish political commentary, my criticism of him became apparent. From this point on, people who objected to the red flag I raised regarding the whistleblower realized that John Idriss Lahai was hiding something and that some of his articles were malicious.

John Idriss Lahai's response to those who sell bogus academic papers has resulted in some advantageous outcomes. Many Sierra Leoneans who were actually found using fake academic credentials were fired or degraded as a result. However, he lied about a large number of Sierra Leoneans who were cleared after investigations. The African Graduate University was a phony university founded by criminals in Sierra Leone, and up until this point, I know people who have graduated with master's degrees from this unaccredited institution. I applaud him for his efforts to make this clear to us.

In addition, John Idriss Lahai eventually lost his way and began criticizing political leaders personally rather than for the true course of action he advocated. He actually started to oppose the New Direction Administration and took on the role of the opposition's social media spokesperson.

Since then, intelligent Sierra Leoneans have begun to perceive his works through an odd lens. Because of unjustified attacks on government figures, he continued to be praised and cherished by people who disapprove of the Paopa administration.

I was the first person to cause his popularity to wane before people began to see his work as political and the product of personal grudges.
He made a bizarre accusation against me after realizing that I was his biggest critic.  He stated that it happened when I was a student at the Bo School and was staying with my uncle, who was a senior teacher at the time. The amount of Le 100,000,000 (old), which at the time was equal to $28,000, was sent to the bank by my uncle, and I was to make the deposit . He asserted that I only deposited a Le20 million old note and that I fled with the other Le80 million.
Julius Magona, CEO SL News Blog

According to him, I left the nation and only had to return when the SLPP took over the government.
Those who have known me for a long time were astonished by this tale, especially given the fact that I have never left Sierra Leone. I vehemently refuted his assertion in a live Facebook video. In order for the uncle in issue to respond to the claim, I even had to make him public. Those watching the live stream were able to hear what Mr. M. I. Amara stated.

Because John Idriss Lahai was never real in the first place, his efforts to stop people who utilize phony academic papers were in vain. He created a public space where he could command the attention of Sierra Leoneans and began expressing his rage at the status quo.

He reportedly participated in Paopa's political activities when the party was in opposition, but after they won, they reportedly declined to give him the job he desired.

Finally, Dr. John Idriss Lahai has declared on his Facebook timeline that he will stop commenting on anything pertaining to Sierra Leone. But fortunately for him, he has the required number of Facebook followers, making him eligible to use monetization technologies and earn a lot of money. 
Enjoy the money you'll be earning through the monetization tool and stay fortunate. Although you lost the initial battle against fabricated academic articles and political slurs, you now have access to Facebook's revenue features.


  1. Your article reads like a list but if you’re smart you would’ve asked yourself, why would Dr Lahai abandon his fight when his just 2 months away from achieving his goals of exposing the Paopa government and providing evidences that will bring many to books?

    Dr Lahai, Africanist Press, Adebayo, Wi Yard, and many other individuals and institutions who are fighting for the ordinary citizens of SL—and calling out this wicking and murderous government—will continue until they achieve their goals. So just creep back into your hideout.

    1. Ananymous in what sense? May God save your soul for calling Adebayor & cohorts as defenders of common man..

  2. Replies
    1. You mean the Apc gang .all of these people you mentioned are Apc supporters and theyve clearly shown that on social media. Wirh their constant display of disrespect and inciting the lame sierraleoneans


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