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The SL News Blog investigated the alleged corruption at IHPAU

The SL News Blog investigated the alleged corruption at IHPAU, which is part of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation.

 By Julius Magona

Sierra Leoneans are well aware that the SL News Blog is staunchly opposed to all forms of corruption; many issues relating to corruption are constantly forwarded to me for publication.
Recently, documents relating to alleged corruption from the Ministry of Health and Sanitation were forwarded to me for review and publication.
The document is titled; "Corruption in the Ministry of Health at IHPAU
A case for the Anticorruption "

As is customary, the SL News Blog blogging is distinctive and follows a variety of journalistic characters.

As a result, I had to contact some officials in the aforementioned department, and these were my findings.

1. It is important to note that the said ineligible accounts for 0.4%. The remaining 99.6% was successfully implemented and makes it possible for MOHS leadership to increse GF funding from US$65 million to the current grant of US$156 million. MOHS deserved to be praised for that.

2. As indication that MOHS' consider this very important, the following action was taken (i) all staff mentioned on the OIG report were immediately relieved of their duty, (ii) matter forwarded to ACC for investigations.

 3. ACC has completed its investigation into the matter. Those found guilty have started paying. No deliberate corruption was established, but lack of proper documentation of processes and failure to adhere to basic procedures such as chairing workshops but the Chairman failing to sign the attendance list.

4. Given that 90% of the identified ineligible expenditure was from catering services provided by local service providers in the interior were workshops and training activities are mostly provided,  as a Ministry, we have stopped all catering since providers of the service are challenged providing updated documents like NRA, NASSIT, etc. 

5. MoHS have instituted other measures to ensure non ineligible expenditure by partnering closely with other government assurance institutions. 
They're fully aware that an expenditure can be classified ineligible when documentations are not complete or provided in time of request, irrespective of the gains realized from the service provided.


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