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"Phillip Nevile the b*st*rd" Sylvia Blyden



Sylvia Blyden writes:

My dear big brother Reverend Thompson,

Thank you for your note and words of comfort which I appreciate so much. I will use this reply to also update this my special group of people in here.

You see Sir, I'm very pragmatic and candid on issues like these. Philip Neville was nothing other than a BASTARD to many of his victims. His Family Members should be going down on their knees begging God Almighty to touch the hearts of his victims for us to continue forgiving the wretched soul of the dead man. Indeed, many of us had forgiven him and moved on from the PAINS he caused to us but honestly, it wakes up so much pains when we see those who ENABLED Philip Neville to launch such depraved EVIL now daring to condescend to talk down to his victims.

My own case at the hands of Philip Neville, as referenced by Dr. Sama Banya, was particularly painful, so malevolent and terrible.

You see, nowadays everyone knows what is Photoshop. So you can know photos can be changed by Photoshop and nobody can fool people easily with doctored images.

*But sixteen years ago in January 2007, very few people knew what was Adobe Photoshop or how photos can be changed.*

16 years ago, to be precise in January 2007, Philip Neville was consistently harassing the then Sierra Leone High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, the late H.E. Sulaiman Tejan Jalloh of blessed memory. It was really terrible attacks. Neville was also using his online website to smear the Envoy's name on the Internet and by extension, the country's image overseas.

The late former president H.E. President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah contacted me at Awareness Times Newspaper and asked if we could kindly have the facts published especially as by then my newspaper had the most widely read Online news website for Sierra Leone.

I readily agreed.

President Kabbah, through his State Chief of Protocol Soulay Daramy *(he can verify this story as he is still alive)* sent High Commissioner Tejan Jalloh to come meet me at Awareness Times Newspaper. H.E. Tejan Jalloh explained his side of the issues and I called my then Editor In Chief, Mr. Sayoh Kamara to interview the High Commissioner.

The next day, Sayoh Kamara ran a front page article in which he described Philip Neville as a "fool" who did not understand the issues.

In response, that bastard Philip Neville decided to *"teach Sylvia Blyden a lesson"*.

I was 35 years of age. As an earlier victim of newspaper calumny, I had opened Awareness Times Newspaper as a means of being an alternative voice to the iron-caste Journalism blackmail ring that had existed. I allowed my newspaper to be where people went to have their side told to the world. I swiftly started outselling their newspapers on the market. Most irritating of all to the then MALE DOMINATED Media, was my ability to use my knowledge of Sierra Leone History and my legal and logical arguments in my newspaper pages to beat them hands down.

Unable to intimidate my brain power as a Woman, they decided to attack my sexuality as a Woman. All sorts of unbelievable lies were thrown at me but I held my own.

However, nothing could have prepared me as a 35 years old WOMAN for what Philip Neville did as his revenge for Awareness Times defending High Commissioner Tejan Jalloh from Neville.

Nothing in this world could have prepared me.

Let me explain.

Philip Neville took a picture of me from the Internet; a picture where I had been receiving a glorious Award. He then used Photoshop to cut my head off that picture.

He then got from some Pornography website, a picture of a STARK NAKED Black Woman with her breasts exposed, legs wide opened and her vagina fully exposed. *I mean legs wide open and vagina fully exposed.*

Neville then took the image of my cut off head from the award photo and placed it on top of the stark naked woman.
Then, still using Photoshop, he moved the doctored woman photo (with my head on that naked body), inside a photo of a hotel room where RUF Rebel Leader Foday Sankoh had been photographed seated.

Neville then took that doctored photo montage of my head, the naked woman and Foday Sankoh and published it boldly on his front page the next day with a caption saying something like EXPOSED!  PHOTO APPEARS OF SYLVIA BLYDEN PARLOUR WIFE TO FODAY SANKOH and he wrote of how the photo had been discovered secretly taken by a photographer many years ago and now Neville has laid hands on it for the world to know that it is evidence of Sylvia Blyden being Foday Sankoh's lover.

I was 35 years of age.

At the time I was in a serious relationship with a nice gentleman who was a foreigner in a sensitive job in his country. Whenever I visited that country, the guy would bluff with me all over the place to his friends and family.

Anyway, Philip Neville working in concert with some folks, sent dozens of copies of that front page and they got them shared all over the guy's office in that foreign country. I still remember the phone calls from out there at 5am in the morning asking me how come Sierra Leone can allow such on the front pages of newspapers? I can still feel the hopelessness of trying to explain the kind of country that I lived in....

All done out of malice and HATEπŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€ to make people see me in this world as if I had such business with Foday Sankoh or the RUF.

*What was my crime to submit me to such pains?* As a Patriot, I allowed my newspaper to defend an innocent man High Commissioner Sulaiman Tejan Jalloh. That was my only crime - in addition to being the only woman by then owning and operating a media house and challenging men on issues.

That was my crime - for being a WOMAN who dared to challenge MEN IN THE MEDIA.

Philip Neville then recruited a few of his fellow male journalists with similar angst for my stances, to join in the melee. Neville followed it up with series of very nasty articles in his Newspaper in which he sexually linked me with virtually every single famous and infamous West African male. At some point the list of men he attached to my name became like a comedy to me. All of his publications were absolutely cooked up LIES about me. He published them with GLEE to chase me out of the media space that I occupied.

Everyone was afraid of fighting for me. I was seen as "too stubborn" to take on MEN in the MEDIA and as I will explain further down, Neville had ENABLERS who made it hard to get him to pay.

*Imagine such forgery and pornography on front page of a daily newspaper.*

Up to today, I still sometimes feel the pains of what that bastard Philip Neville did. So whilst I respect those who see him as their mentor and friend, it galls me that folks want to lecture people not to reflect on the evil he did.

It was January/February 2007.... I took Philip Neville to the Police. I took him to the High Court. I took him to Magistrate Court. I took him to the Independent Media Commission... IT WAS ALL IN VAIN... Philip Neville had enablers all over the justice systems who frustrated my efforts at every step of the way. 

I took him to court for criminal libel and they frustrated that case. I took him to court for civil damages and they frustrated that as well. Infact that particular civil damages case is still lying in court. It was adjourned endlessly. *You see, Philip Neville had ENABLERS amongst the Judiciary and amongst Senior Lawyers.* They ENABLED him to escape the wrath of the Law under the guise that he was a freedom fighter, blah blah blah. *These ENABLERS loved to cite how during the civil strife days, Neville won some kind of international award alongside two other journalists and they will use that singular award as a mask to shield his horrific crimes against humanity.*

Philip Neville also had ENABLERS in the political space. In all of what Neville did to me *(and to countless other victims),* Philip Neville was ENABLED by persons in very high political places in our country. They regularly USED him as a tool to go after political and other opponents. They NEEDED him as a cheap tool so they allowed him to massacre the reputations and images of innocent others whilst *SHIELDING* him. For as long as he was there to launch attacks on their behalf, they ensured he never paid for what he did to his victims. From the Judiciary to the Police to the IMC, it was all so frustrating. *I was a 35 years of age young lady.* These ENABLERS frustrated my efforts to get Justice.⚖️

Such people who ENABLED and protected Philip Neville to hurl such EVIL and rottenness into Sierra Leone are not any better than Philip Neville. So when *these same people* CONDESCEND to talk down to victims of such depravity by such a BASTARD like Philip Neville, it is sickening. They honestly need to stop.

*Nobody has stopped them from praising Neville so they have no right to stop others from our own recollections.*

They have not walked in our shoes. They don't know the πŸ’”πŸ˜’PAINS involved. They should not talk down to us in favour of a  depraved man that they ENABLED.

⚖️πŸ–‹️ *Bad Journalism and Bad Legal Practise have greatly contributed to where we are today as a country.*

My dear Reverend, let me end this missive by also showing you below, a piece I wrote on a lady's Facebook page. It was in reaction to someone telling another female victim of Neville that she should refrain from 'speaking bad' about the dead:
πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡
NOBODY should condemn this lady Grace Kargobai for what she has written. It is her own way of healing from Severe Trauma. I followed the attacks on this Grace lady keenly on the pages of Standard Times. I do know for a fact that Grace did not suffer even up to 5% of what I had to suffer at the hands of Philip Neville on those same newspaper pages - but the pains she is pouring out speaks volumes of what I went through and so I cannot condemn her. Don't condemn her. Let her pour it out. It is her way to heal.

I have forgiven Philip Neville long ago but I can relate to what she is going through. Hmmmmmm.

As for those saying: IMC and the Courts, ha ha ha!πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ My own complaints (dated between 2006 and 2007) are still lying unresolved at the Courts.πŸ™ƒ They are also still lying unresolved at the IMC which was interestingly headed by a Woman at the time - Bernadette Cole. πŸ’”πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ˜­

I have healed and today, I take it all as part of the interesting Journey and Life Purpose that the GAOTU created for me in this World. I have healed but there are still times when..... Hmmmmmmm. So let no-one underestimate what painsπŸ’”πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ˜­ Grace is trying to express here.

You have not worn her πŸ‘ πŸ‘  shoes.

Finally, for me, one of the saddest aspects of such depravity is the ACCEPTANCE of it all that it is part of our Country's psyche. No country should take this as normal. Such vicious and depraved writings are why I opened up Awareness Times Newspaper and today, despite all what people may say about Awareness Times Newspaper, it has NEVER written or published anything that it has not first cross-checked if it has to do with the image of a human being. Anything you see inside Awareness Times Newspaper today that concerns the image of another person, is factual, accurate and unimpeachable - it is a newspaper that was borne out of pains similar to what is being expressed here.πŸ’”πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ˜­

Allow Grace the space to heal.


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