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Finally, the APC has buried the hatchet.

After a successful meeting at their party's headquarters, the long infighting among some senior members of the APC has finally come to an end. If you recall, there have been several court cases between factions of party members. One of the factions led by Alfred Peter Conteh won one of the court cases that resulted in the disqualification of the previous executive and the formation of an interim body to manage the party's affairs until their national conference.
Alfred Peter Conteh, Interim Leader APC

Alfred Peter Conteh was named interim head of the body. During his leadership, he was accused of engaging in anti-party activities, and some APC members claimed that he was a staunch supporter of an expelled member, Chief Sam Sumana.
Chief Sam served as Sierra Leone's vice president during the Ernest Bai Koroma administration. He was kicked out of the APC party and later fired as vice president. Many Sierra Leoneans thought the decision was unconstitutional.
Chief Sam Sumana, former Vice President who was sacked

Sam appealed Former President Koroma's decision to the Supreme Court, which ruled that the decision was legal and constitutional. Following the Supreme Court's decision, it was rumored that the then-President Ernest Bai Koroma bribed the court to rule in his favor.
Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, Former President of Sierra Leone, and Wife, Sia Nyama Koroma

The case was later taken to the ECOWAS court, and the ECOWAS court ruled against Ernest Bai Koroma's decision, ordering the state to pay a million dollars in restitution to Chief Sam. The APC government rejected the decision, claiming that the ECOWAS court lacked the authority to overturn a decision made by Sierra Leone's Supreme Court.

Furthermore, the news that the APC, the main opposition party, has reached an agreement has been warmly received by the ruling government. The ruling SLPP stated that going into the polls with the APC and its members in perfect peace and without infighting will be a fine atmosphere, and that if the APC is defeated in 2023, it will not see their instability or infighting as the absolute circumstance that accelerated their defeat.

The SLPP boasts that the President's work and the administration's popularity cannot be thrashed by a political party known for committing egregious corruption and other heinous crimes. "Their resounding defeat in 2023 will signal that they are not returning to power anytime soon. Their opposition will continue to exist after 2038 "said Mohamed Bai Thoronka, a Makeni-based SLPP supporter.

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