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For obvious reasons, the APC may lose four to five straight presidential elections.

Only a well-managed opposition party will be able to gain power in Africa. Any opposition that warns the incumbent that if it gets power, its members will go on a rampage will always lose elections.
The SLPP won not only because they had the most votes, but also because they played low-key political games. They appeared to be quite peaceful and even taught that if they were elected, they would unify the country, etc. That is why, as soon as President Bio was elected, he called for a dialogue known as The Bintumani 3. In another account, after President Bio was elected, he had to immediately ride to former President Ernest Bai Koroma and thank him for his service to the country. President added that they should all work together to build Mana Salone.

Ask EBK; he had no desire to hand over the presidency to anyone. He even persuaded his party members to allow him to run for a third term. He informed his vice president about the deal, but Sam Sumana refused, which is why he illegally fired the vice president. When the third term agenda failed, he allegedly tried to persuade the CRC to extend the presidential term from five to seven years. 

When all of his tactics for retaining power failed, he allegedly instructed the NEC commissioner to annul Kailahun's election. That was one of the reasons the Kailahun election results took so long to enter into the system.

After all of his attempts to retain power failed, the only thing that purportedly compelled him to step down was when three to four Sierra Leoneans recommended him to do so. They also guaranteed him that his right as a former President would be fully respected and that there would be no witch-hunt.

Furthermore, the APC Party lacks the required number of votes to win the election in Sierra Leone. Examine the APC's rise to power in the past. Only when the SLPP experienced a severe schism, such as the Kaisamba and Briwah sagas, as well as the Charles Margai and Berewa crises... And, once the SLPP is determined, these instances can be avoided.

How could a political party without a majority voting number elect a president when its members are threatening to kill the Mende people and depriving the Southeast of basic amenities?

How can any political party prevail when its members are constantly hurling insults at their fellow Sierra Leoneans?

How can an opposition win power from an incumbent when it has promised to illegally punish current regime members?

Museveni and others would like to cede control, but the opposition's menacing words are stopping them from doing so.

Think about it...


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