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Reasons why President Bio should be reelected.


By: Amara Kallon; the philosopher.

Among the numerous sustainable developments that Maada Bio has done for Sierra Leone just in four years, there are certain developments which had made him the best and stand tall as a champion of Sierra Leone's development. Below are the listed developments.

Firstly, the fight against corruption. Maada Bio has actualized the real meaning of fighting corruption. The restitution of some of the stolen monies. Those who manipulated the system to steal and think they can go scot-free and because the president wants to manage the present political atmosphere and for security reasons, all of these made him superhumanly devise a means to make those politicians who manipulated the system forfeit the monies they have stolen from the country and also to maintain and strengthen peace, Maada Bio made the stolen monies useless by way of changing the old currency which they stole and decided to keep it at home, to a new currency. And add some value to our currency. Who is that president that has even come close to the development that Maada Bio has made in the area of fighting against corruption in Sierra Leone?

Secondly, the introduction and implementation of Free Quality Education for Government schools and providing learning materials to pupils nationwide. Whoever thought of it that this country will have free education? This great development has never happened before in Sierra Leone and this is the first time. And surprisingly and first in history, is the implementation of a Free Summer School project for pupils nationwide. 

Thirdly, the construction of the magnificent, one of the best and biggest Airports in West Africa or even Africa as a whole that is presently under construction championed by Maada Bio. The purpose of this airport construction is to boost the tourism sector which can diversify the economy. Because Maada Bio loves and wants to develop every side of the country, he continues to give more facelift to Lungi as a town through the airport by adding a wonderful features to the existing airport. The new features include the following:

√ A new terminal is built on the North side of the airport that is two times the size of the old terminal. That is, the new terminal is two times bigger than the old one. 

√ A new airport apron that receives up to 6 planes. 4 planes will load simultaneously.

√  A new taxiway which is  2.2 kilometers or 2,200 meters. The width is 60 meters which is an International standard.

√ The taxiway also has a provision called a Suspend Parking Bay ( a parking lot) that will accommodate 6 to 10 planes. The Lungi airport now has two terminals and other added first-class features. 

Fourthly, the construction of roads and bridges. Mabang Bridge is recorded as the first in history longest bridge that had been constructed. It is found in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. It is a bridge that connects the Northern and Southern provinces

The fifth point is the giant development in the Energy Sector. Maada Bio has made the best improvement in the Energy Sector ever in Sierra Leone. Maada has electrified some towns in the provinces that have never got electricity before in history.

"The Management of Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority wishes to inform the general public that the interconnection works, testing, and energization of the TRANSCO/CLSG Line at Bumbuna Substation to Freetown have been completed. The public could recall that in December 2021, His Excellency, President Dr. Julius Maada Bio commissioned the CLSG Tiloma Substation. With this development, the Authority now has three (3) sources of power generation: ( Karpowership, Bumbuna, and TRANSCO), which will certainly reduce load shedding activity and would also compensate for any unforeseen drop in power generation from either of our power producers. 

Meanwhile, construction works will soon be completed at Fadugu and Kamakwei Substations in the Northern Province this year to enhance electricity supply to the Northern part of Sierra Leone".

The sixth point is the prioritization of sports in Sierra Leone. Maada Bio is the first president to have sustainably developed Soccer in Sierra Leone. Maada Bio on various occasions donated a reasonable amount of money and certified plots of land to players as a way of encouragement, the first in history. The sports sector is now adding revenue to the country and creating jobs for the youth in the country. 

Furthermore, investing in children and women in Sierra Leone. Maada Bio is the best president and Fatima Bio is also the best First Lady of all the former First Ladies. So, the best plus best is superbest. Maada Bio together with his wife; are investing so much of their efforts, time, and resources on children by protecting the rights of children and also declared war on sexual penetration, assault, child trafficking, early marriage, teenage pregnancy, etc, through the Hands Off our Girls Campaign and statutory laws. "D Paa and D Mami" provided free sanitary pads, soaps, and other learning materials to school-going girls nationwide. The construction of a very big children's hospital at Lumbley Regent Road. It has almost all the facilities that need to be available. And the newly approved 28 million dollars, 166-bed hospital. To be built on the Koidu Gov't Hospital facility center. This will provide high-quality medical service to the people of Kono and Sierra Leone.

Maada Bio and his wife are hugely empowering women through the Women's Empowerment Campaign or Project. They are implementing this project by giving out ministerial or cabinet positions and other jobs to women, the distribution of money worth billions of Leones to traders mainly women to improve their businesses, and the next-to-nothing microcredit facilities. They also gave money to the disabled, poor, and deprived homes across the country. And also protecting the rights of women by declaring war against rape, assault or violence against women, sexual harassment, gender inequality, etc.

Another point is the unbelievable free allocation of lands to citizens. Don't say it will not happen, just say I have not seen it or heard of it. Maada Bio through the Minister of Lands; Mr. Turad Senesie (a very brilliant and powerful man) is retrieving government lands for the ordinary man to benefit. The exercise of allocation of these lands is in two ways. Firstly, through a raffle draw. All you need to do is to apply for it at the Ministry of Lands, you don't need to belong to any party or a particular tribe. It is about "who is the lucky winner". The winners of any of this raffle should be entitled to free land with fully registered and certified documents of the land being allocated to the winner. The next or forthcoming raffle is the third raffle and it is meant to give out 500 plots of land at John Obey Area to all the lucky winners. Secondly, a digitalized system of land selling. The government lands are now available to citizens to buy. You can even buy it online. You don't need to kill yourself to look for extra money to do documentation, because when you buy the government land you get the documentation done for free. That is, Lands will register the land for you at Registrar and also do the land conveyance for you without paying extra money for the process.

Again, the arrival of ferries in Sierra Leone for Sea travel. Maada Bio provided four(4) big and luxurious ferries and two of the 4 ferries had arrived to make sea transportation easy for citizens in the country. Over four decades, the country had not been privileged to such ferries.


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