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Stop being a coward Ade Macauley. Chernor Bah

Chernor Bah, a popular local journalist for the Africanist Press, has been ranting on social media, attempting to persuade some APC senior members to take to the streets and protest the Paopa administration.

Some of his remarks are as follows:

"Instead of telling the masses they’ve a right to protest without police permit, why can’t Lawyer Ade Macauley and his party comrades, his colleague lawyers and MPs, lead a peaceful demonstration against the judicial coup against their party?"

"Ask the members of the illegal 21-Man Committee of the APC, the MPs and their leader, why did they accept to be beneficiaries of an illegal judge’s decision instead of calling for a demonstration against the Court coup against their party? Disloyal comrades!!"

"If these opposition lawyers and MPs are truly genuine and sincere, they’ll peacefully mobilize people in a peaceful march against the use of the judiciary and other institutions to destroy multiparty politics and democracy in Sierra Leone!!"

Finally, I'd like to tell Chernor Bah that he is a coward; if he truly believes that he is fighting corruption, I'd advise him to go to the ground and get primary sources rather than secondary information or hearsay.


  1. The real cowards are those he's accusing, with plain evidence, of massive looting of the treasury without any attempt to fight back against what they call an attemp by Chernoh Bah to soil their image.


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