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illiterate Adebayor is able to torment the govt. of SL... why?

Some individuals claimed that Adebayor, a little and illiterate man, had plagued the government. This is accurate because a single insect has the power to topple a whole state.

To elaborate further on this Have you looked into who is causing instability in other countries? They only exist as nonentities.

Let's examine Abubakar Shekau, the Boko Haram leader in Nigeria. He is a mediocre student who attended an Islamic university. However, he is able to undermine Nigeria as a whole and keep the administration on its toes.

Take Foday Sankoh as an example. He was a semi-illiterate photographer who for 11 years used systematic destruction to bring Sierra Leone to a standstill.

Let's also examine the late Al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Umar, who is a terrible failure whose goal was to systematically devastate Somalia.
Have you thought about the Satan scenario, too? He was God's creation and is thus entirely under God's authority. However, he allegedly challenged God, and now he's a problem for the entire world, according to the sacred writings.

Don't underestimate the attitudes of an uneducated bunch; given their lack of comprehension, they may do anything. People that are stupid don't think things through. Therefore, don't act foolishly by assuming that the government is frightened of Adebayor; we are simply aware of the histories of those who destabilized some countries, and we assist in guiding their credulous followers.


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