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An army officer is implicated in an alleged robbery controversy.

The SL News Blog has been following an ugly incident since the early hours of today, and we hope that the authorities will take the necessary drastic action so that our society is free of fear and terror.

I was contacted about a month ago about the same heinous crime allegedly committed by this same alleged military lieutenant. However, as you are aware, people involved in such activities are wealthy and could easily bribe their way out of police investigation

This alleged lieutenant and six others, all of whom claimed to be civilians, allegedly kidnapped a boy working for a young business tycoon and forced him to accompany them to his boss's home in order to ransack it. However, unfortunately for this alleged kidnapper, someone nearby who knows the businessman saw the scene and informed the businessman. After being informed, the businessman drove to the Congo Cross police station and filed a report.

This alleged lieutenant and his associates drove the kidnapped boy to his boss's house. The businessman had already left the house when he was informed by neighbors that two men in two vehicles had arrived at his residence. The businessman immediately notified the Congo Cross police, who also responded to the allegation.

Soon after seeing the police team, the alleged kidnappers attempted to flee, but the businessman was with the police team and roughly drove and blocked their car with his. The car was hit, and the alleged criminals have been arrested and are being held by police. A preliminary search of their vehicle is said to have turned up a pistol, a dagger, numerous currencies, and machines suspected of printing counterfeit bills.

We are pleading with the authorities not to let the allegation go uninvestigated.
Stay tuned as we continue to monitor the investigation and report back to you.

Watch video footage....


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