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Salutations, Sierra Leoneans. You might think that anything I post on my blog favors the SLPP and defavors the APC in the eyes of the public. However, your assumption is far from accurate. Despite my fervent support for the SLPP, I am not ignorant to the realities. I'll keep telling you to critically evaluate what I write here without taking into account my political convictions.

Getting right to the point. When the APC speaks out against events occurring around the nation while they are in opposition, you shouldn't be too ready to sympathize with them. Because the sooner they take office, the worse they'll act, much like Siaka Stevens, the APC's founding father. When he was in opposition, Sir Albert Margai performed many things that he opposed, but after he won, he replaced them all and even continued doing the worst.

Let's fast-forward to the recently-retired APC Chairman and Former President, EBK. When he asked Sierra Leoneans to vote for him, he made a number of false claims, saying out loud that the APC they knew wasn't going to be the same APC he was headed. He nevertheless ended himself imitating all the irritating actions taken by the APC from which he had disassociated himself. His unconstitutional removal of a Vice President in office was his worst crime.

There are several examples that I'll use to demonstrate that whatever the APC criticizes, they'll end up doing the worst things once in power.

Let's get to the primary plot itself now.

The judiciary was at its worst under the APC. If I were to detail the majority of those appalling incidents and errors here, no patriotic Sierra Leonean would want to be associated with the APC.

The Law Court of Sierra Leone sentenced 13-year-old Samuel Bear-boy to 18 years in prison in about 2015–2016. When a Senior Lawyer from the Sierra Leone Legal Aid Board Lawyers came across with the case and saw that Samuel was already scheduled to serve 18 years in prison or a correctional facility, they fought valiantly to have the child released from serving such a lengthy prison term.

What actually took place? Samuel and his father were residing in the same home when the father noticed that some money was missing. Since Samuel was the only older child in the home, he was accused of either taking it or collaborating with someone else to steal the money. After a few days, the 13-year-old child named Samuel was taken by his original mother to the Wellington Police Post, where he spent a few days before being charged in court.

This took place during the presidency of the now-holy APC. They constantly criticize the judiciary they supported and use deception to remove themselves from its errors in order to appear admirable and win your votes.

In fact, many children would already be in prison for petty offences if it weren't for God's intervention in the form of the New Direction government. When this administration took office, they launched an investigation into why so many prisoners were imprisoned, and as a result, many prisoners were released. In a true sense, the SLPP is attempting to revive the ailing legal system.

Do you recall when the APC forcibly removed 400 Okada bikes from their owners before auctioning them off? They said that the bikers had broken traffic laws. This is the APC that parades about every day promising to solve all of your issues.


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