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Dr. TURAD Senesie's Response to an APC Member's Request for Reconciliation Following the Census Results' Publication.

Response of Dr. TURAD Senesie to the Appeal of An APC Member for Reconciliation After Publication of the Census Results.

You tell your members to work with President Bio. I can still recall after the 2018 elections, President Bio contacted some of the opposition members to be appointed to join cabinet, all of those contacted refused to join him in running this country. Some civil society activists that are women were also asked to be appointed in an effort to get the 30% women representation we promised in our Manifesto, they all refused because their political god fathers told them not to join Maada Bio. When they get to the radio, we hear the negative opposition voices. 

- Join us at Bintumani to map out a pathway for national reconciliation, they refused,

- listen to what the President wants to say in running the state, they walked out of Parliament, 

- let us do a mid term census to help determine development trajectory, you shout at roof top asking your people not to be counted,

- Visits to President Koroma by the Vice President, your media handlers misinformed the public that Maada Bio is begging President Koroma rather than seeing it as a move to working together and so on. So who do you blame for all this tension in Sierra Leone? 

- The Commission of enquiry as I have stated often and again was a move by the President to send a message to Appointees. This was taken out of context and again taken to some other level....

- Economic situation that is globally affecting all countries  has been turned into just a Sierra Leonean problem to a point that some sections of the opposition were even inciting the military to brutalise us and cause carnage and suffering to members of the executive. We had to work assiduously to forestall that. So who should work towards uniting our people when your actions demonstrate your level of hatred for another group of people you believe are suppose to be under dogs and should not lead our country? 

So uniting our people is easy when others are ready to do so and not work towards destabilising the State by refusing to cooperate with the executive on all policy issues. The APC is setting bad precedents and I will keep reminding you just the way I was reminding you when we (SLPP) were in opposition. 

" You cannot be in opposition and want to run the State using your own terms. Even the weakest regime on earth will never allow that to happen".

Let us put Sierra Leone above our individual interest. When there is a policy drive, let us look at that policy from a national lense. If there is an alternative, bring it forward. But in Sierra Leone, everything is opposed and no alternative suggested.


  1. Dr. Turad you are right sir. Politics is killing us slowly 🥱

  2. Your point is succinct. It will serve as a reflection for those who oppose for the sake of opposing


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