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Why is Sierra Leone's music business still on its knees?

I was reading an incomprehensible article written by a claimed musician named Atical Foyoh, who was attempting to get Sierra Leoneans to support their music career.
If you get the opportunity to speak with Atical Foyoh, please inform him that music is not a religion, and that people always prefer to listen to good music with thunderous sounds and meaningful words. People will find it difficult to support you if you sing but lack those attributes.

Because the goal is to enlarge the fan base and create money, an artist should have neutral words on his songs that will appeal to everyone. However, because the bulk of our Sierra Leonean artists get their money from politicians rather than fans, they will choose to be one-sided. It's either they'll elect to support a regime in order to acquire recognition from them, or they'll choose to oppose a system in order to gain favor from the opposing side. In reality, some people would sing in support or opposition based on ethnic or regional sentiments.

If a musician wishes to be a revolutionary vocalist, he or she must not endorse any political party and instead focus solely on the negative aspects of society, regardless of whatever political party is in power, as Emmerson has done and continues to do. Because no matter how talented you are at music, if you sing against someone's political beliefs, you will enrage some individuals.

However, regardless of our musicians' political views, if they want to obtain the most support and listeners in Sierra Leone, they should try to match their songs with countries that are singing popular songs. Whatever you think of Nigeria, their music is heard all around the world, and our artists should aim to emulate them. No serious person would choose Atical Foyoh's song "NASTY" over Kiss Daniel's Buga.

Finally, the entertainment industry in the country requires genuine investors. The majority of our recording facilities lack the essential equipment, and the majority of our sound engineers lack adequate training; others learned their basics through YouTube tutorials and church choirs.

Let me give an example: anyone who has visited Sierra Leone's music studios has undoubtedly witnessed this. You'll write a unique melody that corresponds to your lyrics, but when you take it to a sound engineer, if he or she is unable to obtain the necessary keys and timing for your original work, they'll force you to adapt it to the manner they're used to playing sounds. As a result, nearly all Sierra Leonean songs created in the country are same. You may be skeptical about how I know about these issues; before I switched to news blogging, I used to do some bits of music , even though I never had a viral song, but many who know me can attest to this fact.

Consider the case of the Therapist, a young man who went to Nigeria to record a song title "Ar wan Nack", which went viral across the continent. It's also the first Sierra Leonean song to be recorded and performed outside of the country in the same month by foreigners, with some major African celebrities miming it.
Atical Foyoh and others should return to the drawing board, or else the lad known as THE THERAPIST will steal the drawing board from them.


  1. I believe it's due to low level education of the artists which has deprived them of initial job opportunities that would lay foundation for their growth through public attractions..

  2. The few musicians that are making headway are a bit educated that the lucky few shining today with none level formal education.


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