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See what BBC Umaru Fofona had to say about the 2016 water crisis.

I've stated numerous times that the Sierra Leone government is implementing significant improvements. One notable development that has yet to be recognized is the improvement in water access in the municipality of Freetown. It should be noted that there are still extremely serious difficulties that we hope the government will use all available resources to address. 

In comparison, the four-year administration has fared significantly better in terms of water management than the previous 11-year APC administration. I was one of those who continuously protested the city's bothersome water crisis during the APC era.

Not only has the New Direction Government taken excellent strides to alleviate the vexing consequences in the city, but it has also expanded the drinking water program to rural areas. Many towns and Chiefdom headquarters in this country have functioning pipe-borne water systems.

See what BBC's Umaru Fofona had to say about the Freetown water problem in 2016, during the APC government.

Umaru Fofana Wrote: in 2016

I am out and about in Freetown with my microphone. It is passed midnight. I've driven from Tengbeh Town in the west to Savage Sq in the east to assess the water crisis especially its impact on children. It is tear-dropping! The more I've been here at Kissy Road the more people have kept streaming in, among them girls. 

A 15-year old girl who lives up Mt Aureol just told me that she had finished studying and gone to bed when she was woken up that the tap right down the hill had opened. So she's here, looking still drowsy. 
Another says she has five trips to make which will keep her out for the next two hours at the easiest or earliest. They have harrowing testimonies. All this in a pitch dark neighborhood. 
This is not due to any unusual weather pattern. "Simply poor investment - if any - in the water sector" someone told me yesterday. Sierra Leone and especially her children and the water crisis! 

Listen to the BBC next week.


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