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After a brief shower, practically the entire environment in Freetown appears to be filthy

After a brief shower, practically the entire environment in Freetown appears to be filthy.

Last night, between 12 and 1 a.m., a light rain fell for about 2 hours. You'll see a lot of garbage on the streets of Freetown right now, as well as plastic bottles and liters blocking the waterways.

Nobody can deny that the President's recent Saturday cleaning exercise, despite being costly and burdensome to the state, was critical to the safety and hygiene of our settings.

When it began to rain during the necessary cleaning process, only minor dirt was discovered in the streets of the capital city.

Why were the required cleaning exercises halted? Because of the limited resources at the time, the government indicated during the early stages of the corona pandemic that monies used to fund cleaning exercises needed to be diverted to the fight against COVID-19. Apart from diverting the money to the COVID-19 struggle, the majority of personnel in charge of overseeing the cleanup were ineffective, ineffective, and corrupt, which sparked calls for the entire system to be reformed at some point.

To be honest, when that cleaning operation was announced, many opponents slammed it and called it a fraud. However, today, everyone recognizes the significance and is urging the government to reinstate it. That is how Sierra Leoneans will begin to understand the necessity of Free Quality Education in the next 15 to 20 years.
Returning to the main topic. We understand that it is the government's responsibility to ensure that citizens' safety and the environment are protected. However, we, the common people, must contribute by shouldering some obligations. We must ensure that we take proper care of our dirt, such as not throwing garbage into gutters when it rains, and those who have the upper hand and are building buildings along roads and streets should take care of their frontage, such as paving the area near the gutter so that the soil does not erode and block the gutters when it rains. Etc

Finally, the government should seek out whatever means necessary to ensure that our habitats are clean in order to minimize possible flooding during the rainy season and other disasters caused by filthy settings.

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