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President Bio's popularity grows in the Bo District.

President Bio's popularity grows in the Bo District.
                    Bo City Clock Tower 
The next general election is approaching, and my current blogging activities have focused on determining how well the current government and president are liked at the district level.

It's important to note that my analysis isn't based on hearsay or social media hype; instead, I've traveled across the country to gather firsthand data on the topics I'll be discussing.
        SL News Blog CEO in Jimmi Bagbo 

Let's begin by looking at the Bo District. I've traveled from Chiefdom to Chiefdom, section to section, town to town, and village to village throughout the Bo District. Even though not every location was visited, the main points were chosen at random, which should be sufficient to reduce the inaccuracy of my data.
                      Sumbuya Lugbu 
During my visits to various locations in Bo District, I saw numerous development projects in progress, including the electrification of some towns, the construction of schools, roads, and access to farm implements for food production, among others. And the locals appreciate the New Direction Government's efforts in this regard, even if many raised red flags about the increases in food commodities, but some were too smart to realize that these are global issues.
        Road construction within Bo City 

A man who lives in one of the places I visited and has an internet-enabled phone showed me some of the reasons why we shouldn't entirely blame our government for the price increases, but that the Covid and Ukraine war are having negative effects all over the world.

      Street under construction in Bo City 
Another lady I met in Bagbo Chiefdom's Mondokoh said she and her family are very happy and appreciate the work of the New Direction Government. She put a lot of emphasis on Free Quality Education and the food-handling program that is currently being implemented. I inquire as to her thoughts on the recent increase in the price of a bag of rice. Could you imagine how she responded to me like a punster, saying, "My son, look around, there are more motorcycles than agricultural farms, and this new culture has also contributed greatly to this scourge, so we don't have to blame this government." In fact, our economy's slowing of food production began in the 1970s, and reporting increases in cost of living began around the same time...she continued. 
            I was in Niagorihun Bagbo 
In addition, I went down to the District's Headquarters in Bo City and did some physical inspections of the New Direction government's changes so far. Many improvements were visible to me, including the construction of roads within the township, the newly restored electricity system, and improvements to the health facilities, among others. Bo City is cosmopolitan, and I spoke with a variety of people from various political, religious, and ethnic backgrounds, all of whom gave me very positive responses. Mama Yenoh, a trader on Fenton Road, called her business address EBK Street, but people close to her quickly corrected her, saying that the name she called never came to be, and that the street is still known as Fenton Road, by 'Open Yai.' 

Mama Yenoh told me that the SLPP's four years in power are far superior to the APC's eleven years in power in terms of electricity, road construction within the township, and many other issues. She and many other traders in the area concluded by expressing their gratitude to the government of Sierra Leone for providing the Munafa fund.
          Electricity restored in Bo City 
Finally, it is clear from the above analysis that those who have never voted for the SLPP in Bo District have changed their minds and will vote for the SLPP in 2023, increasing the SLPP vote.


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