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A Sierra Leonean musician has condemned social media misbehavior.

The battle for supremacy has spread to social media platforms, and in Sierra Leone, where it's sometimes done unconventionally, an artist by the name of Jooel of chief Bombolai fame has accused a female Afro genre singer and poet by the name of Fantacee Wiz of playing fouls on social media.

According to Jooel, Fantacee has built a fake social media page to criticize other performers while simultaneously praising herself.

"R kin find m difficult for understand the length at which some of we fellow entertainers dae go for bash or destroy the image wae others dn build.. is it for relevance.. well I guess so.. trying to destroy someone else’s work or effort for that very unacceptable.. This goes for you FANTACEE WIZ.. As if creating a Facebook page called WAN POT, bashing fellow entertainers en hyping yourself is not enough.. you even go ahead n get fake accounts.. commenting negatively about fellow entertainers.. mama if you wan turn blogger make Salone Gossip, etc employ you..
ps: ol watn r dae tok na true."

Jooel wrote the above comment 


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